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Assunta De Rossi gets real about experiences as a new mom

Alessandra De Rossi reveals changes in sister Assunta De Rossi since becoming a mom

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/22/2021 in News
Assunta De Rossi gets real about experiences as a new mom

Being sleep-deprived, breastfeeding, and having her priorities changed. Assunta De Rossi is going through everything new moms struggle with and… she’s loving it!

When Assunta gave birth to her “miracle” daughter Fiore, she knew there would a shortage of sleep. And she thought being an actress who goes through filming that last from morning ’til dawn has trained her well in that area. But now, she realized she couldn’t have been more wrong.

“You take one day at a time. Kung today okay ka, hindi guaranteed na okay ka rin tomorrow. In the beginning, iniisip mo, ‘Ay, artista ako. Sanay ako sa puyatan.’ ‘Di ba? Pero ‘pag dating ng baby, parang, ‘Pwede mag-shooting na lang ako ulit?’” said Assunta during her interview on “I Feel U” last Sunday, February 21.

The “Jologs” actress talked about breastfeeding as well and how it’s often looked as an easy job for mothers. “Breastfeeding is draining, eh. Nobody can say, ‘Ay, nakaupo ka lang naman, eh. Wala ka namang ginagawa.’ Ay, hindi po, nakaka-burn po ng maraming-maraming calories. Kaya po siya nakakapayat.”

Mothering is nowhere near as glamorous as showbiz, said Assunta. And in this life, you’ll never get a second take.

“It’s a lot of hardwork, pero I cherish the times. Kasi dadating sa point na hindi ka na niya kailangan and it goes by so fast. Wala ng take two ‘to!”

Alessandra De Rossi, who later joined the interview, shared that she’s beyond happy that her big sis Assunta and her hubby Jules Ledesma have finally been blessed with a child after waiting for 19 years since they got married.

She revealed how being a parent has done a 180 on Assunta’s life. “Grabe ‘yung turn-around. Prinsesa kasi ‘yan. So napalaki siyang ‘yung mga bagay at ginagawa lahat sa kanya,” said Alessandra.

“Biglang naging mommy talaga siya. Ito ‘yung Assunta na papalakpakan talaga natin,” she added.

Baby Fiore is going into her fourth month this February.

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