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15 of the sexiest men on TikTok that will definitely make you feel things

Think these guys are hot? You should see them dance 😉

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/20/2021 in News
15 of the sexiest men on TikTok that will definitely make you feel things

TikTok is packed with cute and sexy guys doing even sexier things. They can dance, sing, or even just play pretty for the cam, and our hearts still can't take it. These men will grab your full attention and for a few seconds make you forget about all the world's problems.

We found some of the hottest guys on the app that we thought you'd love to meet (because we TOTALLY do)!

1. Dandan Padilla (@dandanpadilla)



Heyy u pinawisan ako kaka practice😊 #Foryou #Foryoupage #Tiktokinvasion #Fyp

♬ slowed what they want russ - T-Dix

Don't be fooled by this cutie's sweet and innocent face, his dance moves will make you want to do bad things.

2. Luis (@boynamedluis)



this sound belongs in a movie when the protagonist is walking away from a building and it blows up behind them🤔🔥 @sierrakai.1

♬ Street Fashion Game - JVLES

If there's an award for Best Abs on TikTok, we'd definitely hand it to this guy. But since there's none, we'd just give him ourselves. Handle with zero care, please?

3. Neilan Wong Tun Shane (@neilanwts)



I wanna go out 🥴

♬ Dripeesha Todrick Hall - Krista Robertson

Dear Neilan, yes we do the cooking, yes we do the cleaning, yes we'd do everything for you.

4. Oliver S. (@odcs_)



Eto na po yung request ng madami HAHA #fyp #binibiningmarikit

♬ Binibining Marikit - Austin Ong

Here's what makes Oliver dangerous: he can be funny, he can be sexy, and he can be sexy while being funny.

5. Joshua Decena (@joshuadecena_)



d i s p a t c h, dispatch. Also, i used my cover to felix’s rap in this audio. #fyp #straykids #godsmenu #스트레이키즈

♬ original sound - 𝗃𝗈𝗌𝗁𝗎𝖺

When people say get a guy who can do both, this is what they really mean: Get a guy who can dance and look ridiculously hot at the same time.

6. Roi Oriondo (@roijustineoriondo)



Mahal mo ko? @maryliteedang

♬ original sound - Robin Padilla

This Pinoy cutie definitely has the "bad boy" thing going on, but something tells us Roi is good in A LOT of things...

7. Paolo Torvas (@torvas)



Which one is your favorite? Part 2! #fyp creds @saraecheagaray @the.navarose

♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

With that hair, Paolo kinda looks like an Asian Prince Eric. And we won't mind if he takes us under the sea.

8. Zion Donovan (@ziondonovan)




♬ PAM - Justin Quiles & Daddy Yankee & El Alfa

Okay, Zion. We get it. You're hot, you don't have to rub it in... Actually, please do?

9. Tony Lopez (@tonylopez)




♬ original sound - priscila

Tony Lopez, you are under arrest for crimes against humanity! Seriously, it should illegal being this hot!!!

10. Joseph Cuaton (@josephcuaton_)



Post workout 🔥 dc: @magicmannex #grindchallenge

♬ GRIND CHALLENGE - Magic 🔱 Mannex

We like Joseph for his super "kilig" dubs, but we LOVE him for his sexy dances like this one right here. Yup... totally hits the spot!

11. Patrick (@thepatrickramirez)



Last na po pa solo lang 🤣 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #someoneyouloved

♬ Someone you loved Remix - apeng

No question that Patrick is a handsome guy, but what makes him even more attractive is his humor. Even in his wackiest faces, he still looks like our, uhm... next boyfriend.

12. Simon Javier (@simonjosephjavier)



DUET THIS FOR ME ❤️ Your 3rd @ is also our Twin! Notice? Like & comment below! Follow my FB: Simon Javier pls? #sportsathome#grabfoodchickenchallenge

♬ original sound - Jamie lim

Here's what Simon would do to you: First, he'd charm you with his smarts and wits. Second, he'd get you all hot with his rockin' body. Then, he'd make you feel bad because you know you can't have him.

13. Evan Tan (@richeryyy)



Yeeet! Follow my Instagram: richeryyy #diywithme #videoreply #binibiningmarikit #pinoyfunfacts

♬ mwah - 🦋camryn🦋

A real chinito cutie who's not afraid to get silly? Totally and absolutely crush-worthy. An endless supply of kilig with this one. Yeeet!

14. Karl Kugelmann (@karl_kugelmann)



#duet with @emmanortss I wanna start doing more of these duets 🤘🏻

♬ original sound - Troy

Someone asked us, "Where's your dream travel destination?" We answered, "Karl Kugelmann's eyes."

15. Evan (@evanlamicella)



Summer fit #fyp #fashion

♬ Hood Baby - Kbfr

A fit, stylish guy, who loves his family and adores his girlfriend? Yes, he exists. And his name is Evan Lamicella.

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