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Pinoy movies to watch based on your K-drama faves!

If you’re still not over “Crash Landing On You”, you’d love this Filipino movie!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/20/2021 in News
Pinoy movies to watch based on your K-drama faves!

We’re all too familiar with the feeling of “bitin” every time we finish a K-drama and we don’t know what to do with our lives after. Same? Well, we found a solution! And that is to find local films that have similar stories and vibes as our K-drama obsessions! Enjoy!

If you loved: “Crash Landing On You”

You should watch: “Baler”

“Crash Landing On You” won the hearts of many for its grand tale of love against all odds. We also can’t help but mention the amazing cast that made this series even more memorable. While witnessing a beautiful love tale, we also got to see the relationship of South Korea and North Korea. A local film that also shows two lovers hindered by norms and society is the historical fiction “Baler”. Set during the Siege of Baler in the 19th century Philippines, a Filipina maiden (Anne Curtis) falls in love with *gasp* a Spanish soldier (Jericho Rosales). Forbidden love affairs? SIGN US UP!

If you loved: “Extracurricular”

You should watch: “John Denver Trending”

The Netflix series “Extracurricular” gave us a thrilling look into the dark world of teen crime. We see the effects of poverty, bullying, and harassment to young people who are only trying their best to survive high school. If you liked the themes of this drama, you may like the Cinemalaya Best Feature Film of 2019, “John Denver Trending”. The story follows a boy, who becomes a victim of cyberbullying after a video of him allegedly harming a classmate goes viral. Both stories explore the darkness of life in the eyes of young people.

If you loved: "Sky Castle"

You should watch: "Pisay"

The dark comedy drama “Sky Castle” got everyone on the edge of their seats. It begins as a story following different housewives in a rich village who do everything in their power (and we mean a LOT OF POWER and some politics involved) just to get their kids the best education, but then the plot escalates into more serious issues of parenting, family relationships, and society that happen in real life. If this got you interested, then you might want to take a look at the 2007 film “Pisay”—a coming-of-age film about high school students of Philippine Science High School in the ‘80s. As they go through the hardships of academics, they also discover more about themselves, while also coping with the chaos during the Marcos regime.

If you loved: "It’s Okay That’s Love"

You should watch: "Mr. and Mrs. Cruz"

“It’s Okay That’s Love” is about an arrogant writer who suffers from obsessive disorder, which leads him to meet with a psychiatrist. The dynamic is love-hate, but you know that they are attracted to each other in deeper ways than they can express. It’s so much more than romance, it’s a story about understanding, keeping an open mind, and accepting that we are flawed, and so it’s okay to ask for help. If you like complicated romances like this, “Mr. and Mrs. Cruz” should fit your taste. The 2018 rom-com is about two people who meet while on vacation. The two leads immediately hit it off, sharing and conversing about anything under the sun. They have had heartaches in their separate lives, but during their chance encounter, they experience pure bliss, and help each other look at things with a new perspective.

If you loved: "Reply 1988"

You should watch: "Bar Boys"

Ah, the beauty of youth! “Reply 1988” is a 20-episode drama-comedy series about a group of teenagers living in the same neighborhood. They are the closest of friends, and they have experienced almost everything together. The series is a nostalgic journey of growing up, falling in love, turning to your friends, and so much more. The 2017 Kip Oebanda film “Bar Boys” is also about a group of friends who journey into life together. It follows young men new into law school, and their bond gets tested as they gear up for the ultimate test: the bar exams.

If you loved: "Strangers From Hell"

You should watch: "Bliss"

If you liked “Strangers From Hell” then you must be a little twisted inside. Kidding! “Strangers From Hell” is a horror-mystery that will keep you wanting for more. The characters have weird quirks that really creep into your mind, making you feel the protagonist’s frustrations. If this suits your palate, then you should watch “Bliss”! It follows an actress who gets into an accident and so is forced stay at home to recover. They hire a heartless, unusual nurse to take care of her, which marks the beginning of her nightmare. Psycho-thriller trips, anyone?

If you loved: "A World of Married Couple"

You should watch: "The Love Affair"

“A World of Married Couple” is an effective drama because it will make you assess your own life while watching, and see if any of the signs of cheating apply to your partner. *lol* It’s a story of betrayal among married couples, and the journey of a woman going through the difficult emotions of revenge, grief, pity to oneself, and ultimately, healing. If you found a kink in that, then you should watch “The Love Affair”. In this Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez, and Bea Alonzo-starrer, three people arrive at the crossroads of their lives, deciding whether to fight or let go. We’re not gonna spoil you how it ends up, but we’re sure this would trigger you as much as “A World of Married Couple” did.

If you loved: “Hi Bye, Mama!”

You should watch: “Isda”

The heartwarming “Hi Bye, Mama!” will make anybody shed a tear! It follows a mother who dies and visits her family again five years after as a ghost. Wanting to be with her daughter and husband again, she engages in a reincarnation project for a chance of becoming human again. If you’re into tearjerkers like this, we recommend you watch “Isda”. It stars Cherry Pie Picache as a woman struggling to conceive a child with her husband. Then by some miracle or twist of faith, she becomes pregnant, and soon gives birth to... wait for it... a fish! These two stories have a tinge of fantasy in them, while successfully depicting the unconditional love of a mother.

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