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How well do you know your Pinoy movie memes?

These are the stories behind the funniest movie memes you see everywhere

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/20/2021 in News
How well do you know your Pinoy movie memes?

It's true, we speak in memes in our online conversations more than we realize. And lots of them come from our very own Pinoy movies.

Yes, you may be familiar with them. Yes, you may have a special album for it in your phone. But do you actually know the context behind them?

Time to brush up on your Pinoy movie meme knowledge!

1. “Tanggap ko na, Jane, Wanda...”

The famous Rufa Mae Quinto meme came from her 2009 film “Status: Single”. In the scene, she tells her friends that she has accepted her fate of being forever alone.

Here, her full monologue might help you accept yours too. No shade...

2. “Tanga, ‘di pa start.”

“That Thing Called Tadhana” blessed us with lots of relatable content, but one of our favorites is the scene where Mace (Angelica Panganiban) makes a deal with Anthony (JM de Guzman) that for every time she mentions her ex, she’d give him P1,000.

So when somebody asks you, “Akala ko diet ka na?” You can just go, “Tanga, ‘di pa start.”

3. “Bakit parang kasalanan ko?”

Everyone who doesn't live under a rock will recognize this line. Bea Alonzo, who played the iconic character Bobbie in “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, asks why she's being blamed for something she has no control of.

When people try to pin something on you... Only one thing needs to be said:

4. “I’m sorry, Maaaa.”

Went home late? Forgot to wash dishes? You already know which meme to use.

If Bobbie has “Bakit parang kasalanan ko?” Teddie (Toni Gonzaga) has the dramatic “I’m sorry, Ma” that netizens turned into an iconic meme. “Four Sisters and a Wedding” is a gold mine, indeed!

5. “Akala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron, meron!”

This one stood the test of time. The quote came from the young Carlo Aquino in the 1998 film “Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa” when memes aren’t even a thing yet. The quote has become part of pop culture, so of course, it resurfaced for this meme generation.

Carlo even did a parody of the scene with Ai Ai delas Alas in the 2003 comedy “Ang Tanging Ina”.

6. “Oo na, ako na! Ako na, ako na ang mag-isa!”

While waiting at the jeepney stop one night, Tere Madlansacay (Jennylyn Mercado) gets yelled at by a barker. “Baka meron diyan mag-isa lang, walang boyfriend, walang asawa, walang kamag-anak! Isa na lang, larga na!" he said.

Out of frustration for being single, Tere blurts out, “Oo na, ako na! Ako na. Ako na ang mag-isa!”

And so a meme was born.

7. “I deserve an explanation. I deserve an acceptable reason.”

This line actually comes from a serious standpoint, where Ginny (Toni Gonzaga) and Marco (Piolo Pascual) get into a heated argument about their heartbreaking past.

It's a heavy scene, but Pinoys managed to make it comical. Keep this in your gallery, for whenever you can’t understand why someone would do something just plain unacceptable.

8. “Pangit ba ako? Kapalit-palit ba ako?”

Who would even dare call Liza Soberano ugly? A lunatic, maybe.

When the trailer of “My Ex and Whys” was released, the scene was immediately turned into a meme and became viral! Because if Liza would think she's ugly, then... what should the rest of us feel about ourselves?!

9. “'Wag mo akong ma-Terry, Terry! ‘Yung tanong ko ang sagutin mo. Are you f***ing my husband?!”

Diamond Star Maricel Soriano delivered this iconic line with the angst of a woman cheated on by her husband with none other than her friend (Zsa Zsa Padilla), from the 1994 film “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin”. Because of this, we found a synonym for "kabit".

The conversation went like this: Terry: "May relasyon ba kayo ng asawa ko?" Monique: "Relasyon?" Terry: "Relasyon. Kerida, kabit, number two, mistress, relasyon." Monique: "Terry..." Terry: "Huwag mo 'kong ma-Terry Terry! ‘Yung tanong ko sagutin mo! Are you f***ing my husband?!"

It’s so intense and jaw-dropping that it truly demands to be repeated (and shared) over and over!

10. Fishball scene

In the closing act of Brillante Mendoza’s “Ma’Rosa,” Jaclyn Jose, who plays Rosa, eats fishball on the street with a mixed look of exhaustion, self-pity, anxiety, and relief on her face.

It became a meme mostly used for describing what it feels like when nearing “petsa de peligro”.

But we must mention, her performance in the film won her the Best Actress award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, becoming the first Filipina to receive the honor.

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