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TIMELINE: Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto's relationship

The two have become more comfortable showing off their love ❤

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2/19/2021 in News
TIMELINE: Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto's relationship

Rumors about Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson's relationship started as early as 2019, when they made headlines about their respective breakups from their previous relationships.

It was a huge guessing game whether they're actually dating or not, and eagle-eyed netizens were quick to connect the dots that they're indeed together based on their posts on Instagram.

And last March, Gerald finally shut down the rumors once and for all after he confirmed that he and Julia are happily in a relationship. If you're feeling a little curious how it all started for them, here's a definitive timeline of the Julia-Gerald romance:

March 10, 2020 - Julia celebrates her birthday with her family and a "loved one"

It was in mid-2019 when Julia broke up with her ex Joshua Garcia, that's why it came as a surprise when she celebrated her 23rd birthday hinting that a "loved one" joined her and her family. She didn't mention who that loved one is, but it was made clear that she has someone special during that time.



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


September 2020 - Julia shows support to Gerald's new resort

In September last year, Gerald announced that his private beach resort in Zambales is now open for business.



Among those who showed their support was Julia, who shared the logo of Gerald's resort on her Instagram Stories.

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October 2020 - Julia allegedly visited Gerald's private resort



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


Julia posted this photo of her with the caption "My flowers growing beautifully 🤎"

However, netizens were quick to point out that it was actually shot from Gerald's private resort in Zambales, since the nipa hut in the background was very much similar to the cabins in the actor's resort. Here's a photo for reference:



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November 2020 - Julia allegedly went on a hike with Gerald



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


Julia shared this photo of her from what seemed to be from a hike on the mountains where she was sitting on a makeshift boat. Netizens were quick again to notice that the boat was the same boat seen from the photo posted by Gerald's brother, Ken Anderson, a few days before Julia's post.

And as seen on the drone video, Julia and Gerald were spotted sitting beside each other.



December 2020 - Julia wearing a necklace with a letter G pendant

Social media went abuzz when Julia shared a photo of her with a letter G pendant. There was actually a debate whether it was letter G or letter C, although netizens are sure that it's G and it stands for Gerald.



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


January 3, 2021 - Julia poses with her new pet

Julia marked the new year with a new baby, her St. Bernard dog Amari

But what caught the attention of the netizens is actually the hairy arm who was driving beside Julia. And, well, netizens are saying it was the arm of Gerald.



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


January 9, 2021 - Julia drops hints about her relationship

Julia joined her friends in a famous TikTok trend, the "It's Tricky" challenge where you choose between two options based on your preference.

In the video, Julia said she's "taken" and that she likes "AFAM" and "older" guys. Sounds familiar, huh? 

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February 2021 - Julia was spotted in Gerald's resort

In a post by Kapamilya Online World on February 19, Julia was seen chilling at the beach resort of Gerald. Although it wasn't indicated where Julia really was, the background was yet again very similar to the resort of the actor.


SCOOP: Julia Barretto spotted at Gerald Anderson's Hayati Private Resort in Botolan, Zambales ❤️

Posted by Kapamilya Online World on Friday, February 19, 2021


Here's the photo for reference:


March 5, 2021 - Gerald finally confirms their relationship

Gerald and Julia made headlines following the actor's confirmation that he and Julia are together and that he's "very happy" with the actress.

March 2021 - Julia and Gerald's back-to-back birthday greetings for each other

Being both March and Pisces babies, Julia and Gerald flaunted their love for the first time on social media when they exchanged sweet birthday messages for each other.



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)




Julia and her family were also spotted in the actor's birthday celebration at his private beach resort. As seen in the video below, Julia also gave him sweet kiss on the lips after they were teased by the guests.



A post shared by Roxy Coco (@roxycoco12)


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And as part of Gerald's post-birthday celebration, he did a relief operation in Zambales together with his girlfriend.

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Also in the same month, Julia's sister Dani "welcomed" Gerald to their family as she shared a photo of the Barrettos together with the actor captioned with "Mi Familia 🤍"



The couple have also been very vocal about their love on social media and have started commenting on each other's posts.

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April 2021 - Gerald and Julia celebrate Easter with Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho

The couple went on a "double date" with the celebrity doctors at their home to celebrate Easter.



Days after, Gerald and Julia were spotted on a boating trip together where they went fishing. The actor also shared more photos on Instagram.

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It was also in April when "Init Sa Magdamag," which Gerald stars in, premiered on primetime. During his "We Rise Together" guesting, Gerald described his relationship with Julia as the "hottest ever."

Julia also showed her support for the series on Instagram Stories.

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Julia Barretto excited for boyfriend Gerald Anderson's series ‘Init sa Magdamag’

The couple also guested on each other's Youtube channels for the first time last April where they tried street food and did a drinking game together.

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May 2021 - Julia opens up about her relationship with Gerald

In a rare interview, the actress shared how much of a "wonderful man" the actor is. She described him as the "most generous" person she knows and that he helps other people "grow." 

"I’m not sure he realizes the impact he’s had in my life. Gerald has made all my complicated, simple, in all situations, he helps put things into proper perspective for me. He has grounded and humbled me as a person," she added.

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Also last May, Julia appeared once again on the actor's vlog when they worked out together at his private beach resort.

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June 2021 - Gerald and Julia get vaccinated together

A video from when the couple got their COVID-19 vaccine together surfaced online where Julia was seen looking afraid of getting her first dose. Julia then held on to Gerald’s hand while getting her shot.



July 2021 - Gerald and Julia go on another boating trip

It seems like boating is the couple's newest passion after they went on another trip together, this time with Julia's mom Marjorie and her little sister Erich.

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They also went to Baguio in the same month with the whole Barretto family.



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


Also last July, the two held another relief operation with the Philippine Coast Guard.



Gerald was also present at Julia's sister Claudia's 22nd birthday celebration last July 26.



The couple then capped off the month with another appearance of Gerald in Julia's vlog. The actor played against Marjorie in a game called "Who knows me better?"

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