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PHOTOS: Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad's stunning second prenup shoot

We can already feel the wedding vibe from their photos!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 2/18/2021 in Photos

The second batch of Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad's prenup photos are now out!

Less than a month to go before their big day, the couple happily shared some of their photos on Instagram from their second prenup shoot. Sam and Anthony dressed up in formal attire this time around, giving us a glimpse of how they would look on their wedding day.



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In the caption, Sam shared how meeting Anthony changed her perspective about love.

"Omg, I’ll be a married woman in less than a month?! Who would’ve thought I’ll get married 😅 if you know me, I never thought I’ll find my soulmate. I thought I’ll just be traveling the world, doing my thing, and die alone. Haha. Which is alright... But my gosh. This is better! 🥰 I took my time that’s for sure.. but that’s okay. You will be ready and you will know it. ♥️" she wrote.

Browse through the gallery above to see more of Sam and Anthony's prenup photos!

Watch more videos here:

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