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All the proof that Bimby is undeniably Kris Aquino's son

We can all agree that Bimby is the mini, male version of the Queen of All Media. Yes?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

2/14/2021 in News
All the proof that Bimby is undeniably Kris Aquino's son

It's Kris Aquino's birthday today, February 14, and we're celebrating it with love, love, love!

We’ve always known her for being the Queen of All Media, but if there’s anything Kris deserves more praise for is how she's also the queen of looking after her family.

And so today, we're putting the spotlight on how she has raised her sons well, especially her special bond with younger son Bimby, who's undeniably a mini-version of herself:

They're both sassy, but in a good way!

Kris is no stranger to becoming viral for the way she speaks, and Bimby is slowly catching up to his mom when it comes to breaking the internet

The way they respond in conversations is very much the same: sassy and witty, and their one-liners have given birth to thousands of memes on social media.







They're both smart and outspoken

Kris isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind when it comes to various issues and topics, and Bimby isn’t the type to back down either.

Remember that time when Kris and Bimby had a heart-to-heart talk about his bullying issue? Bimby wasn’t afraid to voice out what he really wanted to say.

Bimby said, “You know who manipulated me and the most effective basher. I channeled all of it out on him. So I don’t really care anymore about those others because I know they can’t hurt me as much as he hurt me.”

They're both friendly and outgoing

Kris is a natural when it comes to building connections with literally anyone, making her a true social butterfly. She has friends and connections both here in the Philippines and even in the international scene, and this is something Bimby also adapted growing up.

Now, Bimby is making a social circle of his own too, and he can jive with anyone he meets, just like his mom!



A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino)



A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino)




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They both love to cook!

Bimby is continuously breaking gender stereotypes by making cooking one of his life skills. Kris has always been a great cook as seen in her previous talk shows, and now, it's one of their ways to bond, which we can watch on their YouTube vlogs.

Here are some of their precious cooking sessions:

Happy birthday, Kris!

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