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The sweetest KathNiel moments that would make you say 'sana all'

Frontliner ng pag-ibig? Si Kathryn lang ata meron n'yan 💙

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

2/1/2021 in News
The sweetest KathNiel moments that would make you say 'sana all'

Three-year, five-year, and seven-year itch — name it, and we're pretty sure Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have overcome it. They are the living proof that relationships actually thrive in the industry they belong to, and we've all witnessed it for the past eight years.

And this Love Month, we are putting the spotlight to the reel-and-real life couple's kilig moments that make us all wish we find our very own Kathryn or Daniel in our lives:

1. They got each other's back!

They say consistency is the key to a lasting relationship, and Daniel proved this to be true over the years. He has always got Kathryn's back, be it fixing her gowns on the red carpet, or simply carrying her bags during their trips.

Also, Daniel has consistently mentioned in their interviews that Kathryn has made him a better person. And what could be a sweeter thought than knowing that you've got a partner for life?

"She is perfect because una, I will always say this, she makes me a better person. 'Yun lang naman 'yung sa akin. 'Pag nawawala na ako sa sarili, binabalik niya ako nang binabalik. Masyado akong makulit na bata. Siya ang gumagabay sa akin. Kumbaga siya 'yung ilaw ko lagi,” Daniel said during the finale virtual conference of "The House Arrest of Us."

2. They flex each other like no one else in the world exists

Daniel is barely active on Instagram, but whenever he posts, it almost always has something to do with Kathryn. Remember when he had a social media hiatus and his last post was this photo with Kathryn?

And when he finally returned, one of his first posts was this picture of Kath:

Kathryn, on the other hand, loves flexing her "Bali" on Instagram no matter what the occasion!

Just like how she greeted him on his birthday with this special collage of her shot of Daniel:

Or during their anniversary:

Or that time when she dedicated a whole post to thank him for being her strength during her most difficult time while filming "Hello, Love, Goodbye":

3. They are each other's frontliner and support system!

During the early days of the lockdown, Daniel said that he served as Kathryn's "frontliner ng pag-ibig" and brought her supplies from time to time.

"Ako, tamang frontliner ng pag-ibig lang ako kay Kathryn, pare. Papunta-punta lang ako doon, padala-dala ng supplies. Chine-check ko rin sila kung kamusta na ang bahay, kung naka-lock na ba ng pinto,” he shared during an interview with Robi Domingo back in May last year.

And while Kathryn is blessed to have her very own frontliner in Daniel, the actor is also lucky to have his own support system in Kathryn. Imagine having someone who goes all out to support your first-ever digital concert?

Kathryn gathered the people closest to Daniel's heart just to celebrate this special milestone for him.

Napa-"sana all" ka rin ba? Share with us your favorite KathNiel moment in the comments!

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