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Nadine Lustre on living in Siargao: “I feel more grounded.”

Nadine has made Siargao her homebase when she doesn’t have work to attend to in Manila.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

12/9/2021 in News
Nadine Lustre on living in Siargao: “I feel more grounded.”

Siargao has become more than a vacation spot to Nadine Lustre. 

In a vlog uploaded on Dr. Aivee Teo's YouTube channel on December 4, Nadine detailed her reasons and experiences in residing in the province of Siargao.

Aside from having friends who live in Siargao, the main reason why she’s decided to have her own place and stay there more frequently than in Manila is because of her love for the beach and the mountains.

"I have a lot of friends kasi who live there,” Nadine told Dr. Aivee. “But also, I've always wanted to live near the beach or mountains, and there, you have both.”

According to Nadine, “everything happened so fast,” as she manifested her vision of living by the beach in just two months, which is a lot quicker than her initial projection of one or two years.

“It was just wishful thinking na, like manifesting, like in two years or one year, I wanna be living by the beach. Because that’s close to nature, ‘cause that’s where I’m at peace." 

She also shared that staying on the island has been good for her mental health. In Siargao, she’s been able to do the things she loves, like eat carinderia food, ride a motorbike to get to places, and chill at the beach.

"I feel great. I feel like there's a lot of weight that's been lifted, and it just feels like, life in Siargao is so simple,” she said.

"And the thing is, one of my biggest realizations was that, here in Manila for some reason, I was making my life so complicated and so difficult. But when I moved there, I realized life isn't so difficult after all," she spoke of her 180-degree life change.

Since moving there, the “Beauty and the Bestie” actress has found a “nice community” among the residents of Siargao.

"I've been staying there for quite a while na, people are starting to get used to it, and the people are actually very polite there. When they see me, they just wave at me. Like, 'Uy, si Nadine. Hello!' and then they're good," she described the residents.

When asked if living in Siargao has made her a better person, Nadine affirmatively responded: “I feel more grounded. I feel more connected.”

You can watch the full vlog below:

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