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6 kilig-worthy moments from Cathy Garcia-Molina films

Direk Cathy knows exactly how to make us feel all the feels 😍

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

12/6/2021 in News
6 kilig-worthy moments from Cathy Garcia-Molina films

Cathy Garcia-Molina’s movies need no introduction. The highly acclaimed director is widely known for her films that are overflowing with kilig and infused with lighthearted humor and multiple layers of meaning. Her films have captured the hearts of masses for a reason.

If you’re looking to rewatch a rom-com classic or binge a diverse array of love stories on any given day, many of our top recommendations are Cathy Garcia-Molina films. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding and you’d have to go see (and feel all the feels!) for yourself. 

In an effort to capture and reminisce the romantic highs in her storytelling, here’s a list of kilig-worthy scenes from her movies. Word of warning: spoilers ahead!

"One More Chance"

Basha (Bea Alonzo) and Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) may have had a bittersweet breakup story unfold on the big screen, but that doesn’t take away from the touching moments they shared, including the iconic rain scene at the UST football field and their ultimate reconnection.

"A Very Special Love"

The bubbliness of Laida (Sarah Geronimo) is naturally lovable. When paired with Miggy’s complementary character, she becomes all the more memorable. When Laida burst into happy tears after Miggy gave her flowers, we totally understood why Miggy is just so smitten with her!

"My Amnesia Girl"

It took one big and terrible mistake for Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) to realize that Irene (Toni Gonzaga) is truly the one for him. In the process of winning her back, Apollo follows up one grand gesture after another. Who can ever top the surprise birthday party he prepared for her?

"She’s Dating The Gangster"

The kilig moments of Kenji (Daniel Padilla) and Athena (Kathryn Bernardo) may have started as part of a pretentious stint, but as soon as they realized their feelings for each other, our worlds went in full slow-mo too! 

"My Ex And Whys"

It’s impossible not to root for Gio (Enrique Gil) in all the different ways he tries to win back ex-girlfriend Cali (Liza Soberano). Only ever wanting to make Cali smile and forgive him, Gio makes the most out of every moment with her and it’s a total swoon-fest!

"Hello, Love, Goodbye"

The ever-elusive Joy (Kathryn Bernardo) can only do so much self-denial until she finds herself literally attached to Ethan (Alden Richards) in a stock room resulting in major feels! From there, their undeniable chemistry just started to flow. We’re pretty sure Ethan’s dimples had something to do with it too.

We're sure Direk Cathy's next film is going to make us feel all the kilig too! Watch out "Love At First Stream" starring Daniela Stranner, Anthony Jennings, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Kaori Oinuma at the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival!

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