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Belle Mariano’s debut album ‘Daylight’ is here!

Belle’s glistening vocals will surely brighten your day! ☀️

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

12/3/2021 in News
Belle Mariano’s debut album ‘Daylight’ is here!

Our day just got brighter with the official release of Belle Mariano’s debut album “Daylight”!

The RISE Artist dropped her first full-length album today, December 3, entitled “Daylight” which she describes as a “feel-good album that exudes bright colors” featuring tracks in the dream pop-alternative genre.

The seven-track album includes her hit single “Sigurado” written by Trisha Denise, which has been made a soundtrack of the series “He’s Into Her” top-billed by Belle and her on-screen partner Donny Pangilinan.

Another Trisha Denise piece in the album, “For Your Eyes Only,” will be used as the soundtrack of Belle and Donny’s upcoming movie “Love is Color Blind” to premiere on December 10.



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Songs to be heard in full for the first time are “With You” (written by Angelica Tagadtad), “Rainy Days” (Sab), “Tanging Dahilan” (Gab Tagadtad), “Nights of December” (Alexis Tagadtad), and “Rise” (Jayda).

Produced by Star Pop, “Daylight” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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