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WATCH: Piolo Pascual surprises OFWs around the world for Christmas

Piolo found a way to bring joy and kilig to these OFWs this Christmas

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

12/27/2021 in News
WATCH: Piolo Pascual surprises OFWs around the world for Christmas

Getting to spend time with family is one of the joys of the Christmas season. Seeing the smiling faces of those you love brings happiness like nothing else does.

Unfortunately, not everyone can go back home to their families for Christmas. There are those who have to work during the holidays and there are also others in faraway countries striving to give their loved ones a better life.

Luckily, BDO's yearly Pamaskong Handog gives OFWs and their families a chance to bond during the Christmas season. Even though some of them were done virtually, the wide smiles they get from seeing each other are truly heartwarming.

And for those who couldn't see their loved ones even through video chat, BDO held Christmas parties for OFWs in different parts of the world to make them feel the Filipino Christmas spirit and give joy even amid the pandemic.

A special surprise even awaited them during the parties: a special message from the Ultimate Leading Man, Piolo Pascual! The actor personally greeted the OFWs through a video message, resulting in big smiles (and kilig to the max!) all around.

Since 2012, SM and BDO have been holding the Pamaskong Handog event every December as a festive appreciation and a way of giving back to overseas Filipinos for their sacrifices and continuous support of the economy through their remittances.

Traditionally, Pamaskong Handog are held at different SM Supermalls and involves a series of variety shows featuring popular celebrities with games and prizes. Also not to be missed in these events are  special activities such as banking inquiries, account opening, and sending and receiving remittances. This year amid the lingering pandemic, SM and BDO decide to hold an online raffle to follow the government's health and safety protocols while still continuing the celebration with exclusive discounts and offers for the overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries.

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