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Kim Chiu finishes strong in national duathlon

Kim: “A strong mind is a strong body.”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

12/17/2021 in News
Kim Chiu finishes strong in national duathlon

Kim Chiu is now a national duathlon finisher!

The “U-Turn” actress shared her latest achievement on Instagram on Tuesday, December 14, with pictures of herself in action as she put her physical and mental strength to the test.

Kim took on the challenge primarily to assess her strength and stamina. She also found motivation from the support system formed by the participants during the athletic event.

“Some may ask “why am I doing this?” I always tell them, I just want to know myself even more. How far can I go, physically and mentally. I enjoy the camaraderie inside the course between people who don’t know each other but supporting one another. People who don’t know you but motivates you to reach your goal, to finish the race,” Kim wrote in the caption.

Having undergone minimal training for the race, Kim revealed that the difficulties she encountered in the course made her want to give up. However, thanks to a good samaritan who helped her with her intense muscle cramps, Kim was able to finish the race.

“With minimal training. During the race, there are times that I wanted to give up coz the course is not easy, especially this race, it's so windy, the sun is mega hot, so many uphills, or should I say uphellzz,” she explained.

“Plus first time to experience hardcore cramps on both calves, first time!!” she admitted. “It was so painful that I couldn’t pedal anymore, don’t know what to do, it happened couple of times during that 40km bike, I was thinking of giving up and stopping the race then I slowed down coz it's so painful ang tigas na talaga ng binti ko, then someone passed by me and said: “go, Kim, don’t stop!” Then I shouted, “ayaw ko na, nag cramps ako.” Then she came back and gave me gel. Then left. So I took it and pedaled myself to finish the bike course.”

“Then the final 5km run. Had side stomach cramps throughout the run but I still pushed myself and told myself to “finish the race, finish the race!!” And just like that!!!!! I am a standard duathlon finisher,” Kim proudly announced to her fans and followers.



Not only did Kim learn more about her strength, she also picked up important life lessons along the way, like how to face adversities in life and rely on our resilient nature.

“Just like how it is in life. There is never an easy road for us to reach our goal, we have to remain focused, calm, and know what our goal is, why are we doing this,” she shared.

“There may be obstacles that we encounter but know that someone will help you along the way, you just have to keep going and never give up because at the end of the day. It is you vs you and no one else. Just like what #missuniverse2021 said “you are the leader of your life. You are the voice of your own,” Kim spoke of her realizations.

Ultimately, the actress reminded her followers the value of physical and mental strength: “Be you and do you. A strong mind is a strong body.”

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