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6 kilig 'Love is Color Blind' trivia that you absolutely need to know

Can you guess which scene almost got cut from the movie?

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

12/16/2021 in News
6 kilig 'Love is Color Blind' trivia that you absolutely need to know

If you're just like us and still have a major hangover from all the kilig we felt after watching "Love is Color Blind," then you're in the right place.

Director John Leo D. Garcia just gave us some exclusive trivia while filming the movie that made us all appreciate it ten times more, with all the effort and dedication the stars, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, and the rest of the whole team put in mounting the kilig masterpiece:

Trivia 1: The very first kilig scene they shot



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The Ino (Donny) and Cara (Belle) scene which got us kilig (and laughing at the same time) from the teaser was actually the very first kilig scene they shot for the movie! Direk Leo also said they got the same kilig from DonBelle during the look test, as much as they felt kilig while shooting it.

Trivia 2: The colorful graffiti wall during Ino and Cara's meeting at the present



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As we all know, Ino and Cara were separated from each other for quite some time so it's only essential that their meeting at the present should be something magical. 

However, Direk Leo said that the tattoo shop (and everything that surrounds the area) where Ino works was actually a bare establishment. And so he asked his amazing team, especially his Production Designer Nico Santos, to give life to the area by making a graffiti wall... and poof! It was the perfect backdrop for their present meeting ❤

Trivia 3: Cara's para-paraan moves that almost didn't make it to the movie



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Yup, that scene when Cara and Ino "time traveled" and the former was actually making "da moves" to the latter almost got edited out! Direk Leo said they felt like it didn't work upon seeing it in the preview, but we're glad it was actually included because it honestly made us love Cara's character more!

Trivia 4: The heart-shaped bokeh



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While this particular scene made us kilig, there's actually one detail that you probably missed: the heart-shaped bokeh in the background! Direk Leo said he personally requested to do it for this scene since they found that it is where the heart bokehs are appropriate the most - and we couldn't agree more!

Trivia 5: The dancing sequence with "My Universe" playing in the background



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To make this scene kilig in real life, Direk Leo asked Belle the song she wanted to play in the background - and she picked Coldplay x BTS' "My Universe" in a heartbeat! No wonder the kilig we felt from this scene was so real ❤

Trivia 6: The start of Cara and Ino's "bestfriendship"


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Contrary to Ino always being last, he was actually first in the most important aspect of their friendship - when he gave Cara the napkin. It could've been Sky (Jeremiah Lisbo), who actually got the napkin first, but Ino decided to go against fate. 

See all of this trivia in action by watching "Love is Color Blind," now streaming on iWantTFC, KTX.ph, Smart GigaPlay, Cignal PPV, Sky Cable PPV, and TFC IPTV!

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