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5 of Jolina Magdangal’s iconic movie roles

We'll always be huge fans of Jolina's bubbly characters!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/6/2021 in News
5 of Jolina Magdangal’s iconic movie roles

It has been over two decades but it still feels like yesterday when Jolina Magdangal defined what it means to be a teen pop superstar. In her early beginnings as a songstress, Jolina’s iridescent appeal captured the hearts of many Filipinos. When she branched out to the big screen, the pop icon shined all the more.

The characters we’ve seen Jolina play particularly in movies have an incomparable charm to them that still conveys much depth. Whether you think Jolina’s a natural in acting or that it’s a testament to her commitment and hard work, the roles she’s taken on remain, by and large, timeless.

We’ve listed five of Jolina’s iconic roles in film to inspire a little bit of nostalgia and steer the new generation of film fanatics to the right direction.

Ditas — “Kung Ayaw Mo, Huwag Mo!” (1998)

Jolina’s first major role was in this 1998 dramedy film co-starring Maricel Soriano, William Martinez, and Marvin Agustin. Jolina has previously stated that it was a “dream come true” for her to work with the Diamond Star who she describes as one of her biggest influences in acting.

In the movie, Jolina played Ditas, the younger sister of doting yet overly strict Doris (Maricel). We’re trying not to give out any spoilers but let’s just say a dramatic slap was involved in a scene or two.

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Merry — “Puso ng Pasko” (1998)

Jolina’s the kind of actress who knows how to find her rhythm not only in a love team but also in an ensemble cast.

Jolina was able to incorporate her singing prowess into a bubbly fantastical character when she played genie-like Merry in this 1998 Christmas offering which was simultaneously Star Cinema’s Metro Manila Film Festival official entry.

Bujoy — “Labs Kita…Okey Ka Lang?” (1998)

In this 1998 Baguio-set rom-com, Jolina and Marvin cemented their place as one of the most promising and beloved love teams of their generation. “Labs Kita…Okey Ka Lang?” features the classic tale of falling in love with your best friend. Jolina, who plays Bujoy, totally made the role her own which is why the references to her character have stayed relevant up to this day.

Who could ever forget Bujoy’s iconic line: “Oh yes, kaibigan mo ako. Kaibigan mo lang ako… And I’m so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my best friend!"

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Abigail — “Hey Babe!” (1999)

In 1999, Jolina and Marvin went on to headline their next (and last) love team movie entitled “Hey Babe!” which became a box-office hit. 

It’s near impossible not to root for the complementing characters of Abigail (Jolina), a firm believer of fate and fortune, and Nelson (Marvin) a young man who’ll do anything to woo the apple of his eye. When Nelson plays upon Abigail’s superstitious beliefs, will he actually win her heart? More importantly, is love enough to justify the means?

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Tin Tin/Mei Ling — “Tunay na Tunay: Gets Mo? Gets Ko!” (2000)

When the Queen of Pinoy Pop Culture teams up with the Bad Boy of Philippine Movies, you can expect an action-packed film peppered in with Jolina’s signature sass and, yes, hairdos.

In “Tunay na Tunay: Gets Mo? Gets Ko!” Jolina plays a Chinese waitress named Mei Ling who changed her identity to Tin Tin in order to escape an unwanted marriage arranged by her father. Incidentally, her father hires undercover police officer Nick (Robin) to find his runaway daughter.

This movie marked a lot of firsts for Jolina: her first team-up with Robin, first love team movie without Marvin, and first (and only) action film!

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