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RELATIONSHIP TIMELINE: A quick refresher on Kris Aquino’s dating history

Robin Padilla, Joey Marquez, James Yap + more of Kris' ex-partners

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/5/2021 in News
RELATIONSHIP TIMELINE: A quick refresher on Kris Aquino’s dating history

It’s no secret (not anymore, at least) that Kris Aquino has now found love and happiness in the company of former DILG secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento. There is much to celebrate about their recently-announced engagement, but for us, spectators of Kris’ love life since day one, it’s simply the fact that their relationship is the rainbow after many storms.

Join us as we look back on Kris’ highly publicized relationships in the spirit of honoring the journey that led her to this new chapter of being a soon-to-be Sarmiento.

Robin Padilla

Chalk it up to wrong timing but Robin and Kris’ relationship in the 1990s ultimately didn’t work out despite their efforts to champion their “you and me against the world” type of love.

The Bad Boy of Philippine Movies pursued Kris after he got invited to her 18th birthday TV special. By then, he admittedly already had a massive crush on the actress-host. 

When Kris finally said yes, she would take Robin to events in the Malacañang Palace during the time of her mother Corazon Aquino’s presidency. However, their relationship allegedly came to a halt because of the pressures that came with Kris’ status and the opposition of her mother Cory.  

Phillip Salvador

Kris’ love life took another controversial turn when she started dating Phillip Salvador, who is 18 years her senior, after working together in the 1994 film “Nandito Ako.” During their relationship, the veteran actor was still married to his estranged wife Sony Dabao. 

Much to the disapproval of Kris’ mom, the two lived together until they called it quits in 1999.

In 1995, Kris gave birth to their son Josh.

Vic Sotto

In a 2003 interview with YES! Magazine, Kris openly mentioned that she dated Vic Sotto “a couple of times” after parting ways with Phillip Salvador. Kris and Vic worked on the 1990 rom-com “My Funny Valentine.”

While they never reached official boyfriend-girlfriend status, Kris and Vic were subject to reportedly false cheating accusations by Kris’ succeeding partner Joey Marquez.

Joey Marquez

In 2002, Kris Aquino interviewed actor and former PBA player Joey Marquez for “The Buzz” about his separation with Alma Moreno. From there, an instant yet brief romance ensued.

Kris laid out all the messy details of their split in a 2003 interview with TV Patrol, revealing that Joey pointed a cocked gun directly at her and infected her with an STD. The actor initially claimed Kris’ statements were false before he publicly apologized to Kris on live TV.

Their highly controversial separation ended in a settlement agreement.

Mark Lapid

In the year that followed her dramatic split with Joey, Kris was briefly linked to Mark Lapid, the son of actor-politician Lito Lapid.

On “The Buzz,” Kris mentioned that Mark has sent her flowers and that they exchanged text messages. Their romance quickly lost traction.

James Yap

James and Kris’ love story may have started at a Greenhills meet-up in 2005 but the basketball star admitted that he’s had a huge crush on Kris since high school. Thanks to James’ talent manager who set them up, the two hit it off and tied the knot in a civil wedding five months after their first encounter.

Two years later, while Kris was pregnant with their son Bimby, James was allegedly having an affair with another woman. Even though Kris chose to stay by her husband’s side during that problematic time, their marriage eventually fell apart.

Due to James’ alleged infidelity, they separated in 2010 and their marriage was annulled In 2012.

Herbert Bautista

Back in 2014, a brief romance sparked between Kris and former Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista. While their relationship led to a proposal in April of that year, it didn’t take long for the former public servant to break things off with the multi-hyphenate actress.

He then proposed again in 2017, but Kris declined.

In a report by Manila Bulletin on Thursday, November 4, ex-mayor Herbert commented on Kris’ engagement saying he’s “happy for her.” 

And as for Kris' present love:

Mel Senen Sarmiento

On October 24, Kris broke the internet with a very special announcement: she’s engaged to Mel Sarmiento!

“To my best friend and the man I said yes to spending the rest of my life with, thank you for as bimb said loving me for me, with no agenda, and for being just an overall good and patient man. It’s unreal how much more calm & peaceful I feel now that you’re here,” she wrote in the caption of her Instagram update. 

She credits her late brother, former President Noynoy Aquino, for being their "matchmaker."

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