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‘She gives me the strength to pull through’: Jake Cuenca gushes over supportive GF Kylie Verzosa

Jake also shared how he supports Kylie in her own acting career.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/3/2021 in News
‘She gives me the strength to pull through’: Jake Cuenca gushes over supportive GF Kylie Verzosa

Showbiz power couple Jake Cuenca and Kylie Verzosa are scoring major successes in each of their own acting careers. Jake will be starring in the new TV series “Viral Scandal” while Kylie has signed on a starring role in upcoming movie “My Husband, My Lover.”

During a “Viral Scandal" media huddle held on Thursday, October 28, Jake opened up about how his relationship with the former beauty queen has given him inspiration both in the personal and professional aspects of his life.

“Walang araw na dumadaan na hindi ako nagpapasalamat sa suporta niya (Kylie). So for me, I'm just very blessed to have her in my life na naiintindihan niya rin ‘yung pinagdadaanan ko or pinapakisamahan niya ako,” Jake gushed over his girlfriend of nearly three years.

“Parang she gives me the strength to pull through,” he continued. “She really does. She really does inspire me every single day. She reminds me to do my best. She reminds me of the work I’ve put in, and sinasabi niya na 'just kill it' and that’s what I try to do everyday.”   

Not only do they give each other words of encouragement, but according to Jake, he also works with Kylie in developing the characters she’s set to play for the big screen.

“We have a different process. With her, I think all the roles that, well at least the ones showing now, she works on it with me,” Jake detailed.

“Sometimes some of those roles are challenging so I do try to push her na parang 'Do it, do it. The story’s beautiful. Don’t be afraid as an actress.' Yeah, we work on those things together,” he added.

Admittedly, Jake said it doesn’t work “both ways” as he’s the type to go reclusive to fully immerse in a role and create a persona.

“It doesn’t work the other way around though kasi ako when I dive into a character, like with Troy, I’m basically in my cave. I’m creating this role. It’s a lot of internal stuff that I search for, so I don’t work on my material with someone else. At least hindi itong role na ‘to,” shared Jake.

When asked to talk about his particular role in “Viral Scandal” and how comfortable he is to be playing these types of seemingly arrogant characters, Jake was eager to say that his role as Troy in this show will come as a “surprise” to viewers.

“Maybe aesthetically, he looks mayabang or pompous, but I think you’ll be quite surprised what we were trying to achieve with Troy in this show,” he explained.

Describing his character as not a stereotypical “dad politician” role, Jake went on to say that he himself was surprised by the script.

“I know the trailer doesn’t show it yet, but that’s the beauty of the show eh. Well at least for the actors, the plots are so surprising. When we read the script, my mind is blown. This role is not the stereotypical “dad politician” role.”

Nonetheless, Jake shows no signs of anxiety about being “typecast” in a certain role, assuring that he always tries to give a distinctive and nuanced performance in every project he takes on.

“With roles naman, in terms of being typecast into a certain role, no. I’m not really worried about it, that’s why I do make an effort to make a complete transformation every role that I do, whether it be physically, whether it be mentally. I try to make every role different, even if something was similar, I would do my homework and still try to make it different,” guaranteed Jake.

The “Viral Scandal” series will premiere on November 15 on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, and A2Z Channel 11.

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