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FULL MOVIE: ‘Da Possessed’ is a circus of laughs

A faint-hearted man learns about courage from three ghosts who take turns possessing him.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/26/2021 in News
FULL MOVIE: ‘Da Possessed’ is a circus of laughs

Imagine being possessed by not just one... not just two… but three deceased spirits! 

That’s the unexpected fate of cowardly landscape artist Ramon (Vhong Navarro) who gets smitten with his charming boss Anna (Solenn Heussaff). In an attempt to impress Anna, Ramon accidentally digs up the murdered bodies of three circus landowners. Determined to seek revenge for the injustice they experienced, the spirits take turns possessing Ramon’s body. 

As Ramon learns more about Anna’s family, particularly her father Don Demetrio (Joey Marquez), he ends up working with the spirits as they fight for justice.

Helmed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, “Da Possessed” is the film to watch if you’re looking for a comedy-horror movie full of mischief and hysterical twists. You can stream it on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel now!

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