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Slater Young and Kryz Uy are expecting their baby #2!

Congratulations to the growing SKYfam! 💕

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/25/2021 in News
Slater Young and Kryz Uy are expecting their baby #2!

Celebrity couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy are expecting their second child together!

The two revealed the news on their latest vlog on Wednesday, November 24, titled "I've been keeping this a secret." According to Kryz, she first found out about her pregnancy last October 4 when she just tried to test if she was pregnant.

“I'm shook because Slater and I, we are not planning to have a second kid. I'm laughing because Slater and I had a conversation earlier today and I said, 'I think I am not pregnant because I'm getting all of these period cramps and period pains.’ I can't believe it,” Kryz shared.



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Upon finding out about her "unexpected" pregnancy, Kryz said she tried to connect the dots on the indicators, such as her sudden craving for kimchi. 

Apparently, she also craved the same food when she was pregnant with their first son Scott Knoa.

Kryz then tried to break the news to her husband by giving a polaroid photo with the test kit in a box, but Slater already knew about it even before opening it.

"I kinda knew na kasi why would you give me a random thing with a camera,” he said.

While she is happy to be pregnant again, Kryz said she still feels a little scared to bear and give birth amid the pandemic.

“I'm very, very happy but at the same time completely shook. And scared to be honest because it's still pandemic. I had two kids during the pandemic. So, I can't really tell the difference, like how easy it would have been otherwise,” she said.

Watch the full vlog here:

Slater and Kryz welcomed their first child in June 2020, four months after they tied the knot in a garden ceremony in Cebu.

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