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CELEBRITY ZODIAC: 14 celebrities who are Sagittarius

See if you have the same birthday as these Sagittarius celebs!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/23/2021 in News
CELEBRITY ZODIAC: 14 celebrities who are Sagittarius

If you were born between November 22 and December 21, then welcome to the Sagittarius club — the sign often described as the blunt, happy-go-lucky ones who are afraid of commitment and being tied down.

While this could be partly true, Sagittarians are simply adventure-seekers who love the thrill and freedom; hence having the reputation of struggling with commitment. Their blunt side makes them the most honest sign, that could either come off as admirable or insensitive to some. 

And being the fire sign that they are, it's given that they have this burning flame from within to become intense, competitive, and passionate in all aspects of life — and yes, relationships included.

Below are some of the celebrities who were born in this season and might just give you a glimpse of what being a Sagittarius is like:

Heaven Peralejo (November 25)



Angeline Quinto (November 26)



Cathy Garcia-Molina (November 28)



Joross Gamboa (November 28)



Gabbi Garcia (December 2)



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Jessy Mendiola (December 3)



Yeng Constantino (December 4)



A post shared by Yeng Constantino (@yeng)


Derek Ramsay (December 7)



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Ina Raymundo (December 9)



Meryll Soriano (December 9)



Lucy Torres-Gomez (December 11)



Sam Pinto (December 11)



Eula Valdez (December 11)



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AC Bonifacio (December 13)



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