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THROWBACK: Alexa Ilacad covers ‘All Too Well’ by Taylor Swift

We can’t stop hitting repeat on Alexa’s cover! 🎧

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

11/23/2021 in News
THROWBACK: Alexa Ilacad covers ‘All Too Well’ by Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift released the re-recorded version of the “Red” album this month, the first thing we thought of was Alexa Ilacad’s gorgeous cover of “All Too Well”!

The “Pinoy Big Brother” celebrity housemate uploaded her own rendition of “All Too Well” on YouTube in June of last year and has since garnered over one million views.

A day before the upload, Alexa first announced on Instagram that she will be dropping a cover of the song which she says is one of her all-time favorites.

“This one goes out to all my Swifties out there,” she wrote in the caption. “Kamusta na mga ka-I-might-be-okay-but-i’m-not-fine-at-all natin diyan? ‘All Too Well’ has got to be one of my top favorite Taylor Swift songs of all time. It just hits you right in the feels. I hope you guys will enjoy it because I had fun recording it.”



Since entering the “PBB” house last October, “Swiftie” Alexa still has no clue that Taylor Swift just dropped a 10-minute version AND a short film of “All Too Well.” We can just imagine her excitement once she finds out!

You can watch the full cover here:

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