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7 old-school Filipino snacks you can buy online

'90s kids grew up with these yummy snacks!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

11/14/2021 in News
7 old-school Filipino snacks you can buy online

Growing up, part of our childhood memories are the snacks we bring during field trips or the ones we shared with our friends. Some of these old-school foodies thrived and are still available on the market up until today, while some have been unfortunately phased out and are now just a memory.

Luckily, we still have access to most of the snacks the '90s kids had back in the day! Scroll through if you want to know where to purchase your good, old favorites online and prepare for some full-on nostalgia:

Haw Haw

This sweet and creamy candy is like no other with its unique milky taste. In fact, many cafes and dessert shops now offer products inspired by this candy, proof of how distinct its flavor is.

Shop here.

Mik Mik

Yet another milky-flavored treat, Mik Mik gives a fun experience for anyone who tastes it since it is ideally taken through a small plastic straw. Experts (aka the '90s kids) know how to properly eat it so you don't get choked by slurping too much powder.

Shop here

Iced Gem biscuits

Meringue in a biscuit? Yup, that's the gem this snack is! This biscuit comes with pastel-colored icings that have the right balance of salty and sweet, perfect for a snack time with your classmates and friends.

Shop here

Lumpia Shanghai

If you love Lumpiang Shanghai as an ulam, then we bet you'd love this shanghai-inspired chips too! Disclaimer to all those who haven't tried this yet: it doesn't taste nowhere near it, but these cheese-flavored chips were such a classic snack back then that it gives so much nostalgia just by seeing it.

Shop here

Yakee Gum Ball

Based on the name itself, this gum ball would make you go "yuck" with its extremely sour taste. But that's the joy of having this candy: you can even have a mini competition with your friends on who wouldn't make a face after eating this sour treat!

Shop here.

Langka Ube Candy

Before ube cheese flavor became a thing, '90s kids know that langka (or jackfruit) and ube made the greatest combination back then. This fruit candy has a unique fusion of flavor that will make you want to have another bite!

Shop here

Tattoos Corn Chips

There are several corn chips in the market, but there's nothing quite like the classic Tattoos. These chips that only cost a peso is filled to the brim, so kids back then got a bang for their buck!

Shop here

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