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'Do it your way': The 3 most empowering lines from 'My Hair, My Say Remix'

The stories of these ladies embracing their natural hair is worth the spotlight in the "My Hair, My Say Remix" music video!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/8/2021 in News
'Do it your way': The 3 most empowering lines from 'My Hair, My Say Remix'

Embracing what you have is already a big win, but empowering others with the same confidence and mindset you have is truly a victory.

For far too long, we've been pressured by society to change ourselves in order to fit impossible beauty standards. Thankfully, women are slowly but surely pushing back by embracing their natural beauty, from the color of their skin to the glorious texture of their hair.

Dove's "My Hair, My Say" movement definitely leads the pack by encouraging women to not just love their natural hair, but to also take the leap and transform it however they want to. Of course, what truly shows that they're walking the talk is the "My Hair, My Say Remix," sung by some of the most empowered and empowering women in the entertainment industry: KZ Tandingan, FANA, Leanne and Naara, Reese Lansangan, and Maysh Baay. Below, we picked the three lines  that embody what self-empowerment, self-confidence, and having "your say" truly means:

"Color or style doesn't matter, your confidence will make it better"

Always remember: do things for yourself! Style your hair the way YOU want to, be it short, permed, or dyed with outrageous colors. Flaunt your hair with pride and confidence. Remember, that's your crowning glory!

"Embrace each other's uniqueness, don't impose cause it's none of their business"

Every one of us is unique and beautiful, we only have to train ourselves to see it! Like the stunning Dove ladies in the music video, they embraced their unique hairstyles, and united in one movement to encourage others to do the same!

"Face any day, do it your way. Just like your hair, your say"

Start with your hair, then practice having "your say" about everything about you! Embrace who you are and never let the weight of others' opinions bring you down.

Join the "My Hair, My Say" movement and flaunt your gorgeous hair just like these beautiful Dove ladies!

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