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‘True Beauty's’ Hwang In Youp reminisces time living in the Philippines

He graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the Philippines Women's College of Davao!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

10/6/2021 in News
‘True Beauty's’ Hwang In Youp reminisces time living in the Philippines

Imagine living next to a K-drama star. Well, Hwang In Youp’s former neighbors in Davao City don’t have to rely on their imagination!

The “True Beauty” actor fondly recalled the time he used to live in the Philippines in an interview with a Philippine-based beauty brand, as published by PEP.ph.

"I lived in the Philippines for about four years. I lived in Davao City for about four years,” he shared, as translated in English.

He continued to gush, "The Philippines is always a beautiful country... Also, I really miss my friends who always treated me with a warm and friendly heart even though I was a foreigner."

When asked where he’d like to go if he’s given the chance to visit the Philippines again, the actor answered, “I want to go back to Davao City where I lived. If I can visit next year, I think it will be for the first time in 12 years."

“I really liked lechon. If I can visit again, I really want to eat lechon,” he said of what he’d like to do during his visit.

Evidently, the Korean heartthrob has a soft spot for the Philippines because of his past residency. That’s why he’s even more excited to be given the opportunity to be an ambassador for a brand based in the Philippines.

"I'm very pleased. I think it's very thrilling and meaningful to be a model for a brand in the Philippines where I used to live,” he enthused. “Although I'm incomplete but the fans support me a lot with their warm love. I sincerely thank you for your love. If there's an opportunity, I really want to visit the Philippines. Fans in the Philippines, I love you!"

In Youp holds a degree in Fashion Design from the Philippine Women's College of Davao. He went by his English name "Ryan Leong” during his stay in the Philippines.

The K-drama scene saw the rise of In Youp in his role as Han Seo Joon in the hit series "True Beauty."

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