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‘Less soapy, more gritty and natural’: Chito S. Roño shares his vision for ‘Darna: The TV Series’

Direk Chito wants his version of Darna to be more real but still retain her larger-than-life character.

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/6/2021 in News
‘Less soapy, more gritty and natural’: Chito S. Roño shares his vision for ‘Darna: The TV Series’

Think gritty. Think moody. Think real. This is the vision of acclaimed director Chito S. Roño for his highly anticipated TV comeback “Darna: The TV Series”.

It was confirmed on Monday, October 4, that Direk Chito has taken the helm of the new series, marking his return to television after nearly a decade.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Direk Chito shared his motivations for coming back to TV, his vision for the project, and the challenges he foresees to encounter in bringing back Darna to our screens.

With his success in directing hit fantaseryes “Lastikman” and “Spirits”, Direk Chito is no stranger to the fantasy genre, which is why he was thrilled to take on “Darna”.

“I found the material very exciting. Ayoko na talaga mag-soap. Matagal ko nang iniwanan ang mundo ng soap, pero at least ito, kakaibang klaseng soap.” he shared. “When I heard the story, when I heard everything, nagustuhan ko. Tinanggap ko na rin.”

Most fond of Vilma Santos’ portrayal of the superheroine, Direk Chito wants to retell the adaptation through a “more gritty” lens.

“I wanted Darna to be less soapy, more gritty and natural, more real, but retain the character of bigger than life, obviously different from everybody else,” he said.

As the “Feng Shui” director aims to mesh fantasy elements into his vision, he is also well aware of the challenges posed by the pandemic and technological limitations.

“Ang challenge ko talaga is to use whatever’s available, to make sure that what we have and what is available to us is workable and will do well for the project,” he said of technological and pandemic-related restraints.

Top-billed by Jane de Leon, “Darna: The TV series” will be a re-introduction of Mars Ravelo’s iconic superheroine to a new audience. Direk Chito thinks this generation of Filipino viewers will find the series relatable.

“Ang kakaiba kasi sa Darna, ‘yung chemistry ng mga artista, hindi siya ‘yung usual na sanay tayo sa soap. I think ma-appreciate siya kasi there are elements na lahat naman makaka-identify and relate," he explained.

The series will officially start filming in November. A premiere date has yet to be announced.

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