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LOOK: 'Darna: The TV Series' cast finally unveiled

Joshua Garcia will be playing Brian Samonte Robles, the male lead in the series

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/5/2021 in News
LOOK: 'Darna: The TV Series' cast finally unveiled

The stellar line-up of the cast of the much-anticipated "Darna: The TV Series" has finally been unveiled!

During the live "Darna" cast reveal held on Wednesday, October 5, Dreamscape AdProm manager Eric John Salut introduced the stars who will be joining Jane De Leon and Iza Calzado in the TV adaptation.

Among them were Gerard Acao, Tart Carlos, Marvin Yap, Zeppi Borromeo, Yogo Singh, Young JV, LA Santos, Mark Manicad, Levi Ignacio, Joj Agpangan, Simon Ibarra, Richard Quan, Kiko Estrada, and Rio Locsin.

The handsome and talented Joshua Garcia will also be joining the series as  Brian Samonte Robles, the male lead opposite Darna.



Zaijian Jaranilla will be playing the role of Ding, Darna's sidekick.



Meanwhile, Iza's character has also been revealed to be Leonor Custodio, a "prime warrior" from Planet Marte, and the mother of Ding and Narda.

As previously announced, acclaimed director Chito S. Roño will be directing the series. He will be joined by director Avel Sunpongco.

“Darna: The TV Series” is set to start taping in November.

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