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Here's what to expect from Ely Buendia's "Superproxies" concert with Nobody's Home

Even though Ely was right with his iconic line “there’s no substitute for the real”, this concert just might be enough for us to get by with a smile 🎶

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/4/2021 in News
Here's what to expect from Ely Buendia's

Let me hear you sing it: OPM icon Ely Buendia is staging another virtual concert! 

Ely is set to hold his digital concert “Superproxies” featuring indie pop trio Nobody’s Home this coming Saturday, October 9. He first made the announcement last September 2 on his social media accounts.

In a press briefing held on Saturday, October 2, the former Eraserheads frontman opened up about what to expect from the concert, his creative pursuits during the pandemic, and what his son Eon Buendia thinks about playing in the same show as his dad.

While fans may expectedly be nostalgic for Eraserheads songs, Ely wants us to know that he’s also looking forward to playing tracks from his solo discography.

“The songs will concentrate on the songs of the E-heads, but there will also be songs of mine that I think should be given a spotlight. Songs that I’m proud of, that came after the disbandment of the Eraserheads. There will be Pupil songs. There will be solo songs,” said Ely.

Ely also expressed his desire to perform albeit virtually citing that it’s good for his mental health to do what he does best as an artist.

When he’s not busy preparing for the concert and producing music for his record label Offshore Music, Ely has been investing in his personal growth.

“For my personal growth, I’ve been taking guitar lessons. I’ve been busy with my home studio, trying to upgrade it and turn it into a real world-class professional studio,” Ely shared. “I’ve been taking Japanese lessons. I’m planning to take martial arts. There’s really so much you can do with all this time so I’ve been really trying to keep myself busy.”

One more thing to be excited about? This will be Ely's first time to perform in the same event as his son's band. Nobody’s Home, which is fronted by Eon, will be opening the concert.

Talking about Eon’s thoughts about playing in the same concert, Ely said: “He was a bit apprehensive, basically because he doesn’t really like to be associated with me as a career path I guess, and I don’t blame him. Of course, he wants to carve his own path and not be compared to me. But he is also very, very excited din because matagal na silang ‘di nakakatugtog live.”

We don’t know about you, but an Ely Buendia concert featuring Nobody’s Home sounds very, very exciting for us as well! With Eon on vocals, Moon Cairo Peralta on drums, and Justin Punzalan on guitar, Nobody’s Home’s retro synth sound would be a great complement to Ely’s classic hits.

Produced by Lighthouse Events and Dvent Productions, the concert will be livestreamed via KTX. Get your tickets here

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