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COMPILED: Coco Martin’s leading ladies on TV and film

Toni, Angelica, Erich + more celebs who know what it’s like to be Coco’s leading lady!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/31/2021 in News
COMPILED: Coco Martin’s leading ladies on TV and film

Over the years, Coco Martin has stayed as one of the most sought-after leading men on TV and film. With his boundless talent and one-of-a-kind charisma, it's safe to say Coco has the ability to drive any project to success. What more if you pair him with a beautiful and skilled actress? 

We’ve compiled a list of Coco’s leading ladies in TV and film to show just how versatile he is to effortlessly form on-screen chemistry with different actresses!

Angeline Quinto ("Born to Love You")

There couldn’t have been a better match for Angeline Quinto in her first acting role. She and Coco starred in this 2012 romance film where their characters started off clashing with each other before forming a deep relationship as they navigate each of their own family issues.

In an episode of “Tonight with Boy Abunda” in 2017, Angeline admitted that she developed feelings for Coco during filming.



Julia Montes ("Walang Hanggan", "A Moment in Time")

From primetime hit “Walang Hanggan” to box-office success “A Moment in Time”, Julia and Coco's love team has amassed a cult following.

Much to their fans’ delight, Coco and Julia are reuniting on “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”



Toni Gonzaga ("You're My Boss")

Coco took on a quirky character in his role as Toni Gonzaga’s assistant in this 2015 rom-com. Toni, who is adept at romantic comedies, having starred in “My Amnesia Girl,” “My Big Love,” and “My Only U,” really brought out a side of Coco that we love to see!



You can watch the full Spanish-dubbed movie of “You’re My Boss “here:

Angelica Panganiban ("Love or Money")

After watching Coco’s most recent movie “Love or Money” featuring his first team-up with Angelica Panganiban, we’re left in tears asking: what took this long for them to star in a film and, please, what’s their next movie? We'll be here waiting!

"Love or Money” was set in picturesque Dubai where Coco and Angelica’s characters put love to the test against the comforts of a luxurious life.



Mariel de Leon ("Ang Panday")

Before beauty queen Mariel de Leon was paired with Coco in the 2017 film installment of “Ang Panday,” she said she found acting “intimidating.”

According to Mariel, Coco played a huge part in “discovering her interest in acting” proving that what makes a great actor is not only a good performance but also positive influence.



Kim Chiu ("Ikaw Lamang")

Viewers worldwide fell in love with the Kim Chiu and Coco Martin tandem in the 2014 period melodrama “Ikaw Lamang.” Kim, having shown her quality in multiple TV and film projects prior to this team-up, meshed very well with Coco’s superb heavy drama skills. 

Kim and Coco admittedly grew closer while filming this teleserye!



Erich Gonzales ("Juan dela Cruz")

The 2013 superhero series “Juan dela Cruz” revealed the insane chemistry between Erich Gonzales and Coco Martin. Besides the fact that they’re both highly sought-after actors who’ve succeeded project after project, Coco actually developed a crush on Erich while filming “Noy” in 2010. 

Coco went on to court Erich but unfortunately, she turned him down. Their unique history definitely made us big fans of their on-screen dynamic!



A post shared by Erich Gonzales (@erichgg)


Maja Salvador ("Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin")

The Maja-Coco love team peaked in 2011 when their military drama series “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” took off and captured the hearts of Filipinos worldwide. They later reunited on "Ang Probinsyano."



Andi Eigenmann ("Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin")

And did we mention that “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” featured a love triangle? 

Andi Eigenmann, who is now an island mama of three, played Coco’s best friend in this series, which immediately introduced a familiar “will-they-won’t-they” subplot that takes us back to many a friends-turned-lovers storyline that many of us have bought into at some point.



Watch more videos of Coco Martin here:

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