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PHOTOS: Look back on Nadine Lustre’s Halloween looks through the years

Take a trip down memory lane to remember just how legendary Nadine's Halloween fits are!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/29/2021 in News
PHOTOS: Look back on Nadine Lustre’s Halloween looks through the years

Every Halloween, we know we can always count on Nadine Lustre to bring her A-game and slay in an iconic outfit.

It’s only right for the singer-actress, who celebrates her birthday on October 31, to be hailed the Queen of Halloween in Philippine showbiz. Even before Tiktok challenges and Instagram reels were a thing, Nadine has already been reigning supreme when it’s time to deck out the spooky costumes.

As a birthday tribute to Nadine and some eye candy for Halloween freaks out there, here’s a rundown of her Halloween looks through the years.

2014 - Mina Harker, Count Dracula’s wife

Time flies by when you’re slaying Halloween year after year after year. But let’s go all the way back to six years ago when Nadine showed us how it’s done with her modern Mina Harker attire.

Nadine looked every bit like Count Dracula’s wife with her piercing black gown and a full face of vampire-inspired makeup!



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2015 - Harley Quinn

Icon recognizes icon! We never tire of remembering Nadine’s version of DC Comics character Harley Quinn. What with her straight pink-and-blue-streaked wig and sneaker heels, Nadine just knows how to put her own touch to a classic ensemble!

2016 - Lightning from "Final Fantasy" 

Nadine’s love for video games shone through when she cosplayed as "Final Fantasy’s" Lightning next to ex-boyfriend actor James Reid’s version of Nyx. The streets of South Korea were lucky to have been graced with these amazing looks.



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2017 - Rogue from X-Men

Back in 2017, Nadine took to Japan to don her neon-colored Rogue costume. Nadine’s take on the X-men character was truly a sight to behold and we’re sure the Halloween-goers in Japan were better for it.

2018 - HIM from "The Powerpuff Girls"

Arguably one of her most iconic Halloween looks, Nadine showed up to Careless Music's 2018 Halloween show as HIM from "The Powerpuff Girls." It takes a very imaginative mind to be able to look at a cartoon character and think “yep, I want to look like that. And I can.” And Nadine surely could!



2019 - Juliet Capulet

Romeo and Juliet was another epic couple costume that Nadine and James pulled off. Even as this outfit was a more pared-back look compared to Nadine’s previous head-turners, you know as much as we do that not everyone can look as angelic as she was!



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2020 - Josie Rizal

You know who’s going to think of bringing a "Tekken" character into life for Halloween? Nadine Lustre, that’s who!

When Nadine dressed as Filipina "Tekken" character Josie Rizal last year, it was 10s, 10s, 10s, across the board! Even the director of "Tekken," Katsuhiro Harada, thought so! He retweeted Nadine’s costume with a comment that simply said “perfect.” Amen, Katsuhiro.



A post shared by 小宮希美 🤍 (@nadine)




We’re dying (see: fake blood) to see what Nadine comes up with for Halloween this year!

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