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Not in the movies: Janella, Maris, Jane, Ronnie + Yves share their own real-life ghost stories

These paranormal experiences of the "Bloody Crayons" cast are scarier than horror movies!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/29/2021 in News
Not in the movies: Janella, Maris, Jane, Ronnie + Yves share their own real-life ghost stories

Some of us enjoy watching horror films or hearing chilling experiences from others for fun. But once it finally happens to you, do you think it would still be fun?

In the finale of the second season of "Secret Movie Files," the "Bloody Crayons" cast members shared their own personal ghost stories that sound like they came straight out of a Chito S. Roño film.

Janella Salvador recalled one of her shooting days from "Oh My G!", a religious show where her character blamed God for the loss of both of her parents.

In the middle of the series, the actress visited one convent wherein one of the brothers approached her to to tell her about what he saw in some of their scenes.

"Nanonood daw siya ng TV and then he saw daw sa dalawang eksena, may dalawang kamay daw na kulay black na sobrang haba ng kuko - nakaganun sa’kin sa TV, during the scene."  

"And naturally nag-freak out ako, sabi ko bakit ganon? 'Yun pala may sumama na sa’kin, may kumapit sa’kin, and there was a dark spirit following me everywhere. Which is why ang daming nangyari sa show na ‘yon," she recalled. 

They had to perform a mild exorcism on Janella to drive away the dark spirits following her. "I was so scared. Hindi naman ako sinapian pero talagang nakakapit siya sa’kin even sa bahay daw, so they had to drive it away," she added. 

Even a non-believer of ghosts like Yves Flores had his fair share of paranormal experiences too when he was in fifth grade.

He was watching the TV with his grandmother when he felt the urge to go to the loo. He then brought his phone with him to serve as his flashlight in the bathroom.

"Tapos nung umiihi ako, hindi ko kasi binuksan yung ilaw eh. Tapos sabi ko, 'Bakit may towel dito?' Habang umiihi ako, 'Bakit may towel dito?' May towel, so nakasampay," he narrated.   

"Sabi ko, 'Ano to?' Tapos kinuha ko yung phone ko, finlashlight ko, tapos may lumulutang na damit. Tapos pag-angat ko ng cellphone, parang may buhok lang tapos walang mukha - black, as in sobrang black." 

Yves recalled screaming his heart out to call for help since he cannot move from his seat. When he finally could, he immediately ran to his parents to share what happened.

Since then, the actor had been seeing silhouettes passing by their bathroom and even outside their windows. 

"Tapos yun, nagpa-bless kami. Parang sabi may dumadaan-daan dun sa ano namin. Ngayon wala na, ngayong matanda ako, nakakapag-CR na 'ko mag-isa. Kasi noong high school ako, hindi ako nagsi-CR mag-isa, nagpapasama ako talaga. Luma kasi 'yung bahay namin eh. Binili namin 'yung bahay na 'yon may nakatira na dati. Tapos namatay 'yung mag-asawang nakatira don," he shared.

Meanwhile, Maris Racal and Ronnie Alonte's experiences are more of "feeling" the spirits than seeing them outright.

The "Ate Sandali" hitmaker said she was washing her hands in a comfort room at a mall when she felt a ghost "pass by." 

"Totoo pala 'yung sinasabi nila, mararamdaman mo talaga silang dumaan, 'yung hangin. As in gumalaw talaga 'yung hair ko. Yung tipong pagdaan, parang feeling ko parang aircon lang yon [pero] wala namang aircon so pinapaniwala ko 'yung sarili ko na wala." 

"Tapos biglang pag-alis niya, ramdam ko 'yung presence niya tapos lahat ng faucet, nag-on. Lahat ng dinaadanan niyang faucet, nag-on. Di ko na tinapos [paghuhugas ko], may sabon pa yung kamay ko, lumabas ako," she recounted.

It was during their shooting for 2016 film "Seklusyon" when Ronnie first felt a "bad feeling" over a picture he saw.

"Doon lang, as in doon lang ako first time nakakita sa picture na pinicturan na naramdaman ng kakaibang pakiramdam talaga... tapos dun sa hagdan hanggang tuhod ko lang inabot. Ganun," he shared.

Jane Oineza's experience, on the other hand, was an encounter with a good spirit rather than a bad one.

While filming another Topel Lee horror "Amorosa: The Revenge," Jane saw three butterflies from the set that seemed to form a straight line.

Amused by what she saw, Jane took a photo of the butterflies before leaving the set to have lunch.

"And then binalikan ko 'yung photo na ‘yon. Tapos may silhouette. May something dun sa photo. And dahil nga hindi naman ako ano [nakakakita], pinakita ko dun sa stylist namin. And then sabi niya meron daw talaga kasing nagbabantay dun sa bahay na ‘yon. As in kita mo 'yung shape, and kita mo 'yung may buhok and all that," she shared.

Since she's fond of experiencing thrills, Jane found the silhoutte "amazing" rather than terrifying.

"Kasi mahilig akong manood [ng mga horror]. So nung sinabi 'yun sakin parang, ah astig, ang galing. And sabi naman na 'yung nagbabantay nga daw na ‘yon was nice naman daw. Pinoprotektahan kami dun sa house so hindi siya bad spirit," she added.   

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