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WATCH: What if ‘Bloody Crayons’ had a different ending?

The “Bloody Crayons” cast and crew discuss alternate endings and sequel ideas!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/28/2021 in News
WATCH: What if ‘Bloody Crayons’ had a different ending?

Watch your scroll: spoilers ahead!

One of the enjoyable things about watching a movie is what happens after: exploring the what-ifs and what-could-bes with friends or fellow film fanatics. What if the ending was different? What could happen in the sequel? And in the case of "Bloody Crayons," what if the murders never actually happened?

During the fifth episode of the second season of "Secret Movie Files," the “Bloody Crayons” cast and crew put forward their own ideas of sequels and possible alternate endings of the film.

Before we go ahead and think of other concepts to complete the murder mystery, let the original ending be known: all along the sinister murderer was Olivia, played by Jane Oineza.

Creative manager JP Abellera expressed his delight that they were able to pull off Olivia’s big reveal in the end, even with a couple of easter eggs in the film such as the Agatha Christie novel “And Then There Were None” and a bottle of antidepressants hinting at Olivia’s mental health issues.

“I would like to believe na, kahit papano na-achieve namin siya with 'Bloody Crayons' kasi talagang nung premiere night and gulat na gulat ‘yung mga tao na buhay pa si Olivia sa dulo, meron talagang 'woah, saan nanggaling yun?' But then again, withhold enough information para meron pa ring unpredictability sa dulo,” he shared.

JP also disclosed that the film’s creators actually considered different endings for the film, saying, “Dapat ba si Eunice (Janella Salvador) at saka si Kiko (Elmo Magalona) lang ang makakaligtas? Dapat ba si Eunice at si John (Ronnie Alonte) lang ang makakaligtas?”

Now here’s another dramatic twist that they talked about: what if their friends’ dead spirits show up in the end? Would you have liked that ending more?

“Meron pa kaming napag-usapan diyan na nasa boat ‘yung tatlo (Janella, Elmo, Ronnie) makikita pa nila ‘yung spirits ng mga kaibigan doon sa island. Nagbaba-bye ‘yung mga friends na namatay,” JP shared with a chuckle.

Meanwhile, Jane had a light bulb moment and proposed an ending where Eunice just dreamt up the whole thing and woke up to the barkada still alive and complete on their way to the island.

“So buhay pa silang lahat. Nagkaroon ng loop,” Jane thought.

“Pwede,” Janella responded. “Or pwede ring prequel, ‘yung story nina Kenly (Diego Loyzaga) tsaka Olivia.”

As for sequel ideas, JP envisions adding in new characters to the original (living) barkada. And of course, they would be the next to play the Bloody Crayons game.

Maris Racal, who plays Richalaine in the movie, was on a similar train of thought, but one that involved her character and Justin (Yves Flores) still alive.

She shared, “Feeling ko ibang set of actors na. May mga bagets tapos buhay pa si Justin tsaka si Richalaine. Meron silang resthouse na pinatayo tapos dun lang sila nagto-torture ng mga bisita.”

Yves, on the other hand, played with the idea of a whole new set of cast visiting the same remote island.

“Naiisip ko, ‘yung island na ‘yun, walang signal tapos wala na ring boat kasi kinuha na rin nila diba. So may bumisita ulit doon sa islang na group of friends din. Nag-explore sila tapos nag-stay doon. Tapos either nabuhay kami ni Maris, nabaliw na kami, ‘di na kami makaalis doon, pinapatay na namin mga pumupunta doon. Or may sumpa ‘yung Bloody Crayons game.”

A whole new cast? That won't work for Ronnie Alonte, who thinks his character John should continue on with Eunice and Kiko to another deadly adventure on a different island.

“Dahil nasa bangka kami, maganda na mapupunta kami sa ibang isla tapos may makikilala na naman kaming panibagong character, pumapatay ng dayuhan. Tapos may mami-meet pa kaming kaibigan sa lugar na ‘yun.”

Watch the full episode below:

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