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SPOILER ALERT: ‘Bloody Crayons’ cast spill trivia behind the film’s iconic death scenes

Fun fact: Jane fell asleep while filming her own character's death scene!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/27/2021 in News
SPOILER ALERT: ‘Bloody Crayons’ cast spill trivia behind the film’s iconic death scenes

Nobody saw it coming! Behind every deadly twist in “Bloody Crayons” is a cast that committed to every suspenseful scene and a crew that made it all come together.

During the second episode of the second season of "Secret Movie Files," the “Bloody Crayons” cast and crew shared their behind-the-scenes experiences in the film’s shocking death scenes.

Get ready for some intense spoilers below brought to you by Jane Oineza, Janella Salvador, Maris Racal, Yves Flores, Ronnie Alonte, Director Topel Lee, and the production team of “Bloody Crayons.”

Gerard’s Death

The character of Gerard, played by Empoy, was supposed to be short-lived in the movie. However, Director Topel Lee explained that they found a way to keep Gerard alive as they wanted to keep Empoy around on set.

“Actually ayaw naming pakawalan si Empoy. Kung titingnan niyo ‘yung eksena niya sa movie, konti lang eh… Pero ayaw namin, kasi mawawalan kami ng nagpapatawa sa set,” he explained of extending the life of Empoy’s character.

While Maris, Yves, and Ronnie couldn’t help but laugh at how Gerard died, Janella and Jane found his death saddening.

Kenly’s Death

“Sobrang helpless” is how Jane described Kenly, played by Diego Loyzaga, moments before his death.

“So dito talaga nag-start talaga ‘yung, ‘sandali muna diba, walang lumabas ng bahay, walang pumasok ng buhay, so the killer must be one of us.’ So eto ‘yung nag-start ng accusations among them,” said creative manager JP Abellera.

The rest of the cast thought Yves’ performance as Justin was impressive in this particular scene.

“Bromance kayo ‘eh,” Maris quipped of Diego and Yves’ characters.

Fun fact: Kenly’s death scene took a longer time to shoot because Empoy’s character was just too funny for the cast to hold in their laughter.

Marie’s Death

Marie’s death put the “bloody” in “Bloody Crayons” as she died by unintentionally drinking poison which killed Sofia Andres’ character instantly.

Writer Carmel Jacomille explained how poison was a major part in the murder mystery film: “Kasi may mystery agad, hindi mo kita sa characters kung sino ang gumawa.”

“Naawa na ako kay Sofia dun eh kasi laging nililinis ‘yung blood,” Maris recalled. 

“Tapos kakain siya ng oatmeal na may blood effect, tapos hino-hold niya lang ‘yun,” she and Yves jointly spilled.

Rich and Justin’s deaths

One of the standout friendships in the movie was Rich and Justin’s (played respectively by Maris and Yves) as they had a cat-and-dog relationship.

Interestingly enough, Rich and Justin died at the same time, after a chaotic series of events where they chased and fought each other around the house.

Despite having stunt doubles, Maris and Yves didn’t shy away from doing their own stunts in the film. 

“Nakakapagod ‘yung death scene natin, Yves. Feeling ko ‘yung death natin ‘yung pinaka-nakakapagod kasi ang dami nating pinagdaanan sa hallway, sa CR,” confessed Maris.

According to Direk Topel, they timed their simultaneous deaths to show the “irony na sila ‘yung nag-aaway lagi pero sa dulo sila ‘yung magkatabing namatay.”

Because of how heavy and emotional the scene is, Maris disclosed that she even kept on crying in her car after shooting their death scene.

Shortly after “Bloody Crayons” premiered in 2017, Maris and Yves took their chemistry in a different light and got paired as a love team in the teleserye “Hanggang Saan.”

Olivia’s fake out and real death

For those of you who have watched the movie, you know that Jane’s character Olivia experienced a double kill: one that’s fake and one that’s real.

While rewatching Olivia’s fake out scene, Janella jokingly chimed in when her character Eunice asked others to help save fallen Olivia at a cliff: “Anong gusto mong gawin nila? Tumalon?”

Jane shared a fun fact about that particular cliff scene: “The whole time na kinukuhanan nila ‘yung part na ‘yun na hindi pa nila ako nakikita, nandun lang ako sa cliff, as in nakahiga lang ako. Tapos inaantay ko lang silang i-pan ‘yung camera sa’kin. Tapos nakatulog ako dun. Ang tagal kong nandun, ilang hours.”

While Jane enjoyed a short nap, Janella, on the other hand, got a minor injury from shooting that scene.

“Dun ako na-injure. Nung bumitaw siya (Jane), gumanito ‘yung rope sa mukha ko,” said Janella before demonstrating how the rope accidentally hit her face.

Shooting cliff scenes is tricky in itself, so the production crew filmed a good portion of the scene in a studio instead of outdoors.

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