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WATCH: Tears flow in wedding film of Tom Rodriguez, Carla Abellana

Carla to Tom: "It really, truly felt like my soul had found yours" 🥺

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/26/2021 in News
WATCH: Tears flow in wedding film of Tom Rodriguez, Carla Abellana

Newlyweds Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana's wedding film has finally been released, days after they tied the knot in Batangas on Saturday, October 23.

The nine-minute film by Bob Nicolas featured the couple's preparations, to the wedding ceremony itself, up to the reception witnessed by their closest family members and friends.

While doing her makeup for the wedding, Carla said she prepared two things for Tom that will surely make him cry: the cowboy hat of his late dad that will sit next to his mom at church, and his video singing "Can't Help Falling in Love" that they will play at the reception.

And it did happen: during their wedding, Tom's tears flowed when he saw Carla walking down the aisle and when he saw his dad's hat beside his mom, seemingly watching them from the heavens.

Their beautifully written wedding vows would also tug anyone's heartstrings, with Carla sharing how much she prayed for a man like Tom eight years ago.

"Back then, I didn't even know it was you I was praying for. I even completed Simbang Gabi praying that I would finally meet the man who will love me unconditionally and take very, very good care of me. While I completed that Simbang Gabi, I seriously never thought that the man I prayed for was already so close to me, that we had already crossed paths months prior. We even played husband and wife for work," she said.

"I didn't even have to pray anymore because God had already answered my prayer in advance. What a plot twist. God was constantly knocking at my head screaming, 'He's the one, ano ka ba? Dasal ka nang dasal hindi ka naman nakikinig sa akin, hello?' Soon enough, it just hit me. It really, truly felt like my soul had found yours and it went, 'Oh there you are. I've been looking all over for you.'"

Carla then ended her vow remembering the promise she made during the last conversation she had with Tom's late father.

"My vow to you as I become your wife today is very simple. In fact, I vow not just to you but also to your mom and most especially to your dad, Tito Bill. I will keep my promise to him during his final moments here on Earth that I will take good care of you so that he will never have to worry. I love you."

Tom, who was then again visibly in tears, said during his part, "I can't imagine my life without you from here on because you've enriched my life in more ways than I can readily express. Like when dad passed, I have to admit, I lost my faith. I lost my way but your boundless capacity for love was the road that led me back into His arms. I know dad is with Him now but he would have loved to have been here."

"So here we are in front of all of our loved ones, and truth be told, I need all of them here because I need to know that none of this is a dream, that this angel standing before me really is mine, and somehow, she loves me deeply and completely. Heaven must have never been the same since you came down and graced my life."

The actor ended his vow looking forward to spending the future with his wife until they're old.

"I want to be there to help raise our children at mga apo, both humans and fur babies alike, because I've often imagined what you would look like as a lola. Panigurado, magandang-maganda and I can't wait to find out for myself. Excited na ako na finally, official na. Ako si Mister at ikaw si Madam Mott. I love you."

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