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Alex Gonzaga feels hopeful after miscarriage: 'May pag-asa'

"Kahit masakit, there will come a time na one day, maco-cover siya ng Panginoon ng joy na ipapalit Niya doon.”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/25/2021 in News
Alex Gonzaga feels hopeful after miscarriage: 'May pag-asa'

The past weeks have been tough for Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada, but the two remained hopeful amidst the news of the heartbreaking miscarriage.

This is what the couple showed on Alex's latest vlog uploaded on Saturday, October 23, where they documented their first pregnancy journey.

In the 15-minute video, Alex showed the moments from when they first found she was pregnant in August, to when she finally shared the news to her husband, and later on to their family members.

Alex said she was advised by the doctor to not announce it yet, but the two were so excited they couldn't help sharing that they were expecting parents.

The next clips showed the couple in various hospital trips, with Alex undergoing ultrasound sessions to check the state of the baby.

“My doctor told me that we have to wait another two weeks for another ultrasound session. But she said that I am most likely three weeks pregnant and will be experiencing a lot of morning sickness. I haven’t told anyone from my work except for my boss. Pero may kutob na sila dahil [lagi akong inaantok sa work],” she shared.

However, they found out during their follow-up checkup that there was no embryo inside Alex's gestational sac.

“After two weeks, there was a gestational sac but there’s no embryo inside. We went straight to our doctor. She told us to wait another two weeks to see if our pregnancy will develop,” she said.

They then waited for another two weeks but to no avail. There was still no embryo, so their doctor just advised them to wait for another week to see if the pregnancy will not push through anymore.

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While it pained the actress, Alex said it hurts her more to know how painful it is for Mikee, who has always wanted to have a child.

“'Pag naaalala ko lang yung moment na sinabi na ng doctor sa akin na parang yun nga [may blighted ovum ako], hinimas niya yung legs ko. Kaya alam ko na may something wrong kasi hinimas niya, eh," she recalled.

"And I know that Mikee is waiting outside. Doon ako medyo nasa-sad kasi I know na hindi lang ako yung may gusto, lalong-lalo na si Mikee. We just prayed kahapon naman na the Lord will comfort Mikee more than me because I know that he really wanted this. We will just try," she added.

The couple officially closed the book of their pregnancy on October 12, when she underwent a procedure after miscarriage.

The first few days were really hard for Alex, and she recalled how she cries every time she sees a baby video.

"Dati kapag nakakakita ako ng baby videos, wala naman akong pake. Siguro kasi ilang araw pa lang. I thought I'm okay kahit papaano. Pero sabi naman ni Doc, it's a process. May mga times na malulungkot ka pa rin. Pero ako iwas-iwas na lang sa baby videos," she shared.

The two then decided to announce it to the netizens on October 17, and also uploaded the whole pregnancy journey to shed hope to people who share the same experience.



“Kaya namin ginagawa ‘tong vlog na ‘to is to show people na kaya, may pag-asa. Kahit masakit, there will come a time na one day, mako-cover siya ng Panginoon ng joy na ipapalit niya doon.”

“We really wanted to share, give hope, and we really wanted to remember na we have this first pregnancy and through this pregnancy, nag-strengthen yung relationship namin " she added.

Watch the full vlog here:

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