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CELEBRITY ZODIAC: 14 celebrities who are Scorpios

Angelica, Nadine, Arjo + more celebs who were born during Scorpio season

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/23/2021 in News
CELEBRITY ZODIAC: 14 celebrities who are Scorpios

It’s time to ring in the Scorpio season with celebrity zodiac trivia!

If Scorpios had a nickel for every time they’re mistaken for a fire sign, they would have enough money to spend on their ambitions and loved ones. Yes, those are two of the most important things to this water sign. Scorpios are creatures of passion, loyalty, and intensity. Channeling these traits in their personal and professional lives comes natural to them. Hence why it comes as no surprise that they’re able to achieve their goals and connect with people deeply.

We’ve come up with a list of Scorpio celebrities that could make you further understand what sets Scorpios apart from other zodiac signs!

Ronnie Alonte (October 26)

One look at Ronnie and you can tell he’s definitely a charmer. But his Scorpio side is better revealed in the sensitivity he brings to his acting roles and the earnest affection he shows to girlfriend actress Loisa Andalio.



A post shared by Ronnie Alonte (@iamr2alonte)


Boy Abunda (October 29)

If you’re looking for the epitome of a Scorpio, look no further than Tito Boy. An intuitive sharp-shooter who doesn’t hold back, Tito Boy has a gift of disarming even the most evasive celebrities to bring forth their authentic selves.



Christopher de Leon (October 31) 

Award-winning actor Boyet de Leon has carried every role he’s taken on to success. His indelible mark in the entertainment industry proves that Scorpios are truly a force to be reckoned with.



A post shared by Bo de Leon (@sgt.pepper8)


Nadine Lustre (October 31)

Never afraid to speak her own mind and embark on uncharted territory as an artist, Nadine embodies the core Scorpio qualities of being unshakably honest and courageous.



A post shared by 小宮希美 🤍 (@nadine)


Coco Martin (November 1)

Scorpios are known to keep pushing until they break through. And that’s exactly how Coco Martin rose to prominence in showbiz. Coco got his big break in the industry after acting in numerous indie films and TV ads. He never let that momentum go and now this Scorpio icon stars in the Philippines’ longest-running drama “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.”



Vilma Santos (November 3)

The “Star for All Seasons” has shone so bright to inspire many Filipinos through her best works in TV and film, and now through her service as current House Deputy Speaker.



Angelica Panganiban (November 4)

Angelica is arguably one of the most relatable stars in the industry. Her classic Scorpio traits of being unfailingly loyal to her friends and frank like a true tita of Manila make us wish to be just like her!



Arjo Atayde (November 5)

It seems that Scorpios being multi-hyphenates is a law of nature. Arjo’s drive to serve in politics affirms Scorpios’ desire to dedicate every fiber of their being to a bigger purpose. We can’t wait for Arjo to carry on his focused determination to his lead role in “The Rebirth of the Cattleya Killer”!



Enchong Dee (November 5)

Enchong’s no-nonsense attitude towards his acting career can be perfectly explained by his zodiac. He always brings finesse and genuineness to the characters he plays on screen.


Dimples Romana (November 13)

Proud to be Scorpio, Dimples is the modern woman’s role model. There’s so much inspiration to be gleaned from Dimples’ example as a loving mom, a committed actress, and a trustworthy friend.



Shaina Magdayao (November 6)

Shaina gives Scorpios the best name as she radiates so much positivity through her social media posts and showbiz friendships. Scorpios are as deeply empathetic as they are goal-oriented, and Shaina is a prime example of that!



Jolina Magdangal (November 6)

Jolina is a pop icon for a reason. ‘90s babies would know. Applying the all-or-nothing principle that Scorpios intuitively practice, now we know why Jolina has succeeded as a mother, wife, actress, singer, entrepreneur, and TV host.



Gardo Versoza (November 8)

There is no end to what Gardo Versoza can do as an actor. With dozens of film and TV projects under his belt, Gardo is the personification of grit and passion.



Karla Estrada (November 21)

This list wouldn’t be complete without Karla Estrada. If we haven’t mentioned it yet, Scorpios are one to relentlessly stick to their principles and go to great lengths to protect their loved ones — qualities that Karla exemplifies.



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