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Aljur Abrenica, Kylie Padilla take down controversial posts

Aljur recently broke his silence regarding "the truth" of his separation from actress Kylie Padilla

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/23/2021 in News
Aljur Abrenica, Kylie Padilla take down controversial posts

Gone, poof, nada! Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla have recently deleted their strongly-worded statements on their respective social media accounts in the wake of their controversial separation.

Aljur’s lengthy Facebook post uploaded on Tuesday, October 19, which quickly circulated online has now been taken down. In the post, the actor hinted on cheating allegations addressed to estranged wife Kylie.

"Kylie please tell them the truth. Don’t hide and disguise your comments, statement for your self gain. Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who wrecked our family. Tell them why I gave up on you, not on our family. The people deserve to know,” he wrote.

Maintaining that the accusations made against him are false, the actor urged Kylie to speak up, as “it breaks his heart that she can sit still despite the truth.”

The post immediately stirred a social media frenzy focused on their split.

Even though Kylie never responded to Aljur’s public statement, she had posted a cryptic “pass divorce bill” tweet and a series of seemingly related Instagram Stories on the same day.

But Kylie finally spoke up straightforwardly when showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin made claims that a third party was involved from Kylie’s side.

In a now-deleted set of tweets, Kylie warned Cristy: “Hi Cristy Fermin. Alam ko kung sino source mo. Wag nyong hintayin mag salita ako tungkol sa inyo. Nagti-timpi ako para sa mga anak ko.”

“Tignan nyo mga mali nyo sa sarili nyo bago kayo manghusga ng ibang tao. Ano bang makukuha nyo sa pag sisira sa’kin? GROW UP. Ang tatanda nyo na,” she added.

The couple have been separated since April of this year. According to Kylie, they have been working on “a healthy co-parenting relationship” for their sons and have also made a mutual agreement to date other people.

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