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Sam Pinto recalls struggles during pregnancy with daughter Mia

Sam developed hypertension and had a low-lying placenta, and her baby was smaller than average during her pregnancy.

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

10/11/2021 in News
Sam Pinto recalls struggles during pregnancy with daughter Mia

Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad recently marked the first month of their daughter Mia Aya and made sure to celebrate it together by sharing their beautiful family photo.



The actress also decided to finally share her pregnancy and birthing experience in a lengthy Instagram post last October 9. 

According to Sam, she was 40 weeks and three days pregnant when they checked into the hospital. She gave birth via normal delivery, although the actress said she almost got a Caesarean section since she faced several issues throughout her pregnancy.

Among these were developing hypertension, having a low-lying placenta, and that her baby then was smaller than average size.



She recalled, "There were some issues that can make me have a c-section like I was pre-eclampsia — for some reason I developed hypertension during my pregnancy even if I think that’s the healthiest I’ve ever been. Maybe cause my mom also was pre-eclampsia."

"Secondly, Mia was small. When I was 36 weeks pregnant, her size was 32 weeks. Had to drink [these] special vitamins and in 2 weeks, her size was perfect."

"Lastly, my placenta was low for the longest time. It’s supposed to go up early [in] the pregnancy. But mine took its time. Finally, on my 36th week, it went up. Oh if it doesn’t go up, I would have to do a c-section cause it’s blocking the birth canal." 

On the day they checked into the hospital, Sam recalled feeling nervous and overwhelmed since she didn't know what to expect about her first birthing experience.

"Since it’s my first baby, I didn’t know what to expect. But I was already feeling some weird throbbing and didn’t know that was already contractions and was in the first stage of labor. I was alone the whole time — honestly I didn’t mind.. at least no pressure. Had my phone with with me to keep me entertained."

After 16 hours of labor, their daughter was all set to come out. "After 3 pushes, she was out! Anthony cut her umbilical cord. Stayed in the hospital for technically 3 days. 1 day for labor and 2 days recovery room."

Sam then ended her post expressing her gratitude to all doctors and nurses, as well as admiration for her fellow mothers.

"Everything about giving birth is so intense. But my body is made for this. Thank you to all doctors and nurses and salute to all the mommas," she wrote.

Sam and Anthony welcomed Baby Mia last September, months after they tied the knot in a civil ceremony.

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