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5 must-have finds as seen in celebs’ rooms

Here are items to add on your online shopping wishlist! 💸

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

10/11/2021 in News
5 must-have finds as seen in celebs’ rooms

Celebrities’ room tours and Instagram feeds are the new Pinterest boards. Whether you’re searching for some decor inspo or looking for items to add to your cart, we’ve got just the right stuff to recommend to you! 

It's time to go window shopping below as we’ve listed aesthetic room essentials as seen in the rooms of the following celebrities.

Candle warmer (as seen in Sofia Andres’ room)

If you’re fond of using candles like Sofia, a candle warmer is a necessity! Not only does it make a candle last at least twice as long, but it also evenly distributes the scent throughout your room. It’s a must-have to make your space more relaxing and therapeutic.

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Velvet bracelet holder (as seen in Julia Barretto’s room)



A post shared by Julia (@juliabarretto)


Organize and showcase your valuables with this bracelet holder that doubles as a jewelry display stand! The velvet surface will protect your valuables from damage while serving as a nice dark contrast to your bright accessories.

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Origami lamp (as seen in Maris Racal’s room)



A post shared by Maris Racal (@mariesteller)


Say goodbye to boring lamp designs and hello to Instagram-worthy bedroom decor! The modern origami lamp is sure to bring a homey vibe to any room. It also doesn’t take up too much space!

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Desk organizers (as seen in Andrea Brillantes’ room)

If you’re looking for a sign to declutter your desk, this is it! These cute and chic stackable organizers will keep your stationery materials, makeup products, and other personal belongings all in one place. You can even stack them however you want to!

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Oval vanity mirror (as seen in Liza Soberano’s room)



What’s a bedroom without a mirror? Take inspiration from Liza as she went for a frameless, oval-shaped vanity mirror to complete her space! Going for an oval trim is a smart choice as it makes the mirror a beautiful accent piece in your room.

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