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‘I feared for my life’: Xian Lim reveals his house has been robbed

Xian Lim describes house robbery as a “nightmare”

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

1/9/2021 in News
‘I feared for my life’: Xian Lim reveals his house has been robbed

Xian Lim revealed that his house has been ransacked, and that the robbers stole all of their television sets and a computer. 

In a post on Friday, January 8, Xian shared he was debating whether to share the unfortunate incident or not, but thought it is his “duty and obligation to let [his] followers know” so that “we can learn a thing or two from the decisions made and moments experienced.” 

He wrote, “The other day, I came home and witnessed a nightmare. I saw that a couple windows were shattered, metal grills hammered and filled down. Pagbukas ko ng pintuan, they left a piece of cloth in the front door (I guess to let me know that the place was robbed prior to entering? I'm not really sure).”

“I looked around and saw that all the TVs and computer are gone. They also left two planks with nails sticking out. (I'm assuming that this is what they used to break the windows and the locks in the door...could also be used as a weapon? I don't have answers).”  

The actor-musician said there was a forced entry and around four people broke in. He shared, “We are done with the police report etc. and we are now taking the necessary steps and precautions to keep our place and everyone safe.”

He added, “At first, there was nothing but fear and hatred running through my me… I feared for my life, my mom, lola and lolo...as time passed by, I became grateful that no one was hurt.”

Here are some photos from the incident: 



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Xian ended his post by saying, “Keep safe everyone. It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”

Watch videos here:

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