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Sharon Cuneta flaunts a fitter body!

The Megastar shares what’s been helping her lose weight!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/5/2021 in News
Sharon Cuneta flaunts a fitter body!

Sharon Cuneta flaunted a fitter body in new swimsuit photos, and shared what gave her the motivation to lose weight!

In an Instagram post on Monday, January 4, Sharon wrote, “Went swimming and had this picture taken today. Now my swimsuit is a size 10. I haven’t been a 10 in many years. My normal size when I was thin was 6 or 8 and I would panic na pag 8!”

She continued, “Now to get to size 6 means I need to lose the last 20 lbs. After so many years of trying to get rid of all this extra weight and losing anywhere from 60-80 lbs, 20 doesn’t seem like too much work anymore.😊🙏🏻❤️ Please pray for me. Then WATCH ME. Hah!”

“Thank You Lord for that all-important bonk on the head before 2020 ended that knocked me into my senses — now it’s even been helping me lose weight! Nyahaha! Galing ng Diyos talaga. Love you everyone! Thanks for your loving messages.”

On Monday, January 3, the Megastar shared that she is currently in her “happy place in the country for decades now” for a vacation.

She said, “Birthday’s coming up and I chose to leave the city. Needed to get away and LET GO of all things and people negative and toxic. Thank God for this opportunity and for huge lessons He woke me up to just before the end of the past year! Needed this. The beach, a pool villa. Heck I deserve this! Nothing like fresh, clean air and a Covid-free environment! Before going back to reality and doing what I can for others. Sometimes you just gotta put yourself FIRST.”

“Thank God for places like this — my happy place in the country for decades now! Happy boitday to me in a few days! Love you all! May God shower us with blessings and give us strength and faith!”

Last October, Sharon shared a peek into the construction of her new house.

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