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12 TV series that did not deserve to be cancelled

Which of these TV cancellations broke your heart the most?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin
- 1/3/2021 in Photos

It is quite unfomathable that no matter how great these shows were, they still ended up on the chopping block.

We’re still not over the fact that “Make It With You” didn’t even have a proper finish, nor have we recovered from Netflix axing the camp sci-fi series “Sense8”. What did we do to deserve this level of blasphemy? 😭

Still, we’re choosing to see this as a “glass half-full” situation. Instead of mourning what could have been, we’re going to celebrate what we did end up getting, no matter how scant. We still hope that these stories can continue in some manner, but we’re glad we got to witness them when nobody did! 😢

Browse the gallery above to see all the shows that were unfairly canned!

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