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Lea Salonga says 'Yellow Rose' is a 'different experience' from 'Sana Maulit Muli'

Lea also shared what kind of film she wants to try next!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

1/26/2021 in News
Lea Salonga says 'Yellow Rose' is a 'different experience' from 'Sana Maulit Muli'

Lea Salonga is finally making an acting comeback in "Yellow Rose" after more than two decades away from the big screen.

But as much as it is quite similar to her previous movie "Sana Maulit Muli," the Broadway Diva said that she couldn't compare the two projects.

"[It's an entirely] different experience. Cannot compare the two [movies]," Lea said during the film's media conference yesterday, January 25.

"Although it does tackle immigration, both of them kind of do, 'Yellow Rose' really tackles the plight of undocumented immigrants and immigration policies that are not particularly friendly to undocumented immigrants," she explained.

"As for 'Sana Maulit Muli,' even though there were topical issues in the film, the centerpiece that the movie focused on was the romance genre. For 'Yellow Rose,' even though there's a romantic aspect to it, it really, really focuses on the human component. Parang kung ano man 'yung nangyayari sa tao, mga nadadamay...it's really what happens when there is a lack of compassion," she stressed.

While the two are different from each other, Lea hopes that the people who would see the movie will learn a thing or two about empathy.

"We don't always get to see what happens to folks going through that [the undocumented immigrants]. So hopefully the folks that watch the movie will be a little more empathetic," she said.

Now that Lea is making movies again, she also shared what kinds of films she wants to do in the future.

"I fell in love with a movie called 'Love, Simon.' I remember sobbing in my seat and hopefully I didn't disturb the people around me," she recalled.

"In the advancing of the LGBT community here in the Philippines, and in hoping for greater empathy towards that community, that's the kind of movie I want to make," she shared. "Even if I just get to be the mom of that central character, to be able to be a parent to a Simon or whether it's a male or female, to be able to be part of a movie like that, that will make me happy. Even the LGBT here should be seen," she said.

Helmed by Diane Paragas, "Yellow Rose" also stars Eva Noblezada and Princess Punzalan.

It will be streaming this January 29 on the following platforms: KTX.ph, Iwant TFC, Cignal PPV, and Sky Cable PPV.

Bagong sine, now na!

Haven't seen the trailer yet? Watch it here:

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