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All the times Aubrey Miles wowed us with her sexy figure

At 42 years old, Aubrey is still looking sexy and fab, just like her younger years!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 1/25/2021 in Photos

Aubrey Miles, 42 years old and a mother of two, is still one of our inspirations when it comes to being fit and sexy.

A quick glimpse on her Instagram account and you'll get to see how much Aubrey and her long-time partner Troy Montero are living an active lifestyle even in their 40s. The couple both share a passion for fitness, and they sometimes even share their routines to those who want to get moving and stay fit like them.

During her "I Feel U" guesting last November, Aubrey shared why she has always been passionate about working out.

"I like the feeling of sweating, 'yung fitness, being active. Kapag hindi ako nakakapag-workout once or twice a week, parang may kulang," she shared.

"Hindi lang siya for outside look, eh. Gusto ko 'yung nakaka-relax [siya] ng mind, nakaka-happy, and everyone in the house happy din sila kapag happy ako," she added.

Want to be fit and sexy like Aubrey? See more of her inspiring snaps in the gallery above!

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