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Pinoy dance crazes that defined our childhood

Before Sarah Geronimo's "Tala" came, this is what people danced at every party. How many can you remember?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/23/2021 in News
Pinoy dance crazes that defined our childhood

If there’s one thing Filipinos can agree on, it’s that we will drop everything and dance when there’s a good beat!

Take a moment and recall the most infectious dance crazes in your childhood. Chances are most of them are in the list below. Time to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the most sensational dance trends of the groovy yesteryear! (Feel free to dance, too! This is a safe space!)

1. Average Joe by Y-Knot

That “na na na na na na na na na na” hook is criminally infectious, and once it gets in your ear, there’s simply no other choice but to dance. Y-Knot’s “Average Joe” was the soundtrack to our childhoods, blaring endlessly in countless birthday parties and "ASAP" episodes.

2. The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

Look, we have a problematic history with Spain, but a good dance beat is a good dance beat! We don’t know what the lyrics of “The Ketchup Song”—or more colloquially referred to as “Asereje”—mean. All we know is when it comes on, you won’t see anyone sitting down.

By the way, does anyone remember when this song became the center of controversy for allegedly having ties to devil worship? Fun times.

3. Otso-Otso

What can we say? Bayani Agbayani’s “Otso-Otso”, to this day, is an absolute banger, bop, hit, and timeless classic. Also, looking back now, it was the simplest way of determining which of your friends could actually dance (some cheated and were bobbing their entire bodies up and down, instead of bending their torsos back and forth, the correct way. Yes, we are “Otso-Otso” scholars and thus, have authority on this).

But you know what makes “Otso-Otso” a God-tier dance craze? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you can’t dance—everyone knows “Otso-Otso” and will dance when it comes on (or attempt to, at least).

4. Macarena

“Macarena” was a dance phenomenon not only in the Philippines but also in many parts of the globe. Los del Rio’s iconic hit, unlike many other hits that have come and gone, is still very danceable. The dance steps are pretty complicated, but the thing is, the more you mess up, the funner it is!

5. Spaghetti

“Apir tayo, sumakit ang ulo ko, sumakit ang bewang ko,” if you don’t know the rest of the lyrics, you’re probably too young to remember this pop culture-defining classic hit, which catapulted the Sexbomb dancers to unbelievable stardom, on top of giving us one of the most memorable dance crazes ever. We still dance the Spaghetti from time to time; it’s a crowd-pleaser that never fails to entertain.

6. Pamela One

“Pamela One” is an instant nostalgia trip. Everybody knows this song—that’s how popular it is. And it doesn’t even matter if you flub the (very simple) steps. The point of this dance craze is to dance it with others, not a care in the world if you mess up, as long as you’re having fun!

7. Papaya

What the heck is a 1970s song by Urszula Dudziak doing in Philippine pop culture? Well, blame Edu Manzano for making “Papaya” a classic. The “Game KNB?” host regularly played it during his popular noontime game show, complete with slick dance moves, and it was an instant hit. We have the perfect name for it, “The Tito/Tita Dance.”

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