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Mariel comes to defense of husband Robin

Mariel Rodriguez pleads to put a stop to "baseless gossip" about husband Robin Padilla

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/22/2021 in News
Mariel comes to defense of husband Robin

Mariel Rodriguez has spoken up to defend her husband Robin Padilla against the speculations that set the internet ablaze last Thursday, January 21.

The action star is rumored to be the father of the child that sexy dancer/government official Mocha Uson is allegedly pregnant with.

In an Instagram post shared on the wee hours of January 22nd, the former “Pinoy Big Brother” host said that several people have come up to her with this rumor, which couldn’t have arrived in a worse timing as Robin is currently grieving the loss of his brother, Royette.


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“So many people are sending me messages, ‘checking’ on me. People are tagging me, blah, blah, blah… Let me tell you this: ROBIN’S BROTHER PASSED AWAY. He is grieving. He has never been in so much pain all his life,” said Mariel.

She added, “He doesn’t need your baseless gossip. Namatayan ng kapatid 'yung asawa ko.”

Then the “Agent X44” actress went on to plead to everyone to stop the spread of these reports.

“Please lang po. He doesn’t even know anything about all this rumor, but I am putting a stop to this NOW. May oras para maging *ssholes, now is not that time. Please,” she wrote.

Mariel and Robin have been married for 10 years. They have two daughters together, Isabella and Maria Gabriela.

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