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PHOTOS: Alex Gonzaga's tropical lush bridal shower!

Alex's bridal shower is just as bright and colorful as her personality! 🌼

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 1/19/2021 in Photos

Toni Gonzaga wouldn't miss it for the world to throw a bridal shower for her sister Alex.

Following the announcement of Alex's wedding to Mikee Morada last January 17, floral and event designer Gideon Hermosa released some photos of the tropical lush-themed bridal shower that Toni threw for her sister last November.

In the caption, Gideon congratulated the newlywed. He wrote, "Congratulations Mrs. Morada! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness 💗"

The bridal shower featured a picnic-inspired table setup filled with fresh fruits and flowers. Gideon also described the event as a "bridal shower that brought so much joy, tears, and love into the occasion."

Flip through the gallery above to see the deets of Alex's bridal shower!

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