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‘The House Arrest of Us’ EP 13: Happily ever after

Love prevailed for QRics (KathNiel)!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/18/2021 in News
‘The House Arrest of Us’ EP 13: Happily ever after

We’ve finally reached “The House Arrest of Us’” last episode, and we’re happy to say we got the perfect ending!

The episode started off as extremely heartbreaking—Q (Kathryn Bernardo) and Korics (Daniel Padilla) broke up for real! The De Guzman family were on their way back home when they realized they left the baby in the Capilis’ house! Of course, that was a wake up call for Korics to realize he still loves Q and wants to marry her!

Back home, Q also realized the same thing and looked for the tin can ring Korics used to propose to her the first time. When she heard the baby’s cries at home, she decided to get him back to the De Guzmans and propose to Korics again.

Just in time, the De Guzmans pulled up to the Capilis’ house and Korics ran inside to get Q. What ensued was a frantic chase around the house as they tried to get back together.

By the end, Q and Korics wrapped up their marriage seminar with the priest and rewarded everyone with the happiest ending of all: a kiss!

But wait, there’s more! A post-credits scene teased that Q and Korics were in a “complicated” relationship. There was also a hanging question for a second season! Our fingers are definitely crossed for a continuation to Q and Korics’ love story!

You can still watch “The House Arrest of Us” on iWantTFC! It’s also coming to Netflix very soon.

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