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4 of the cutest QRics moments on ‘The House Arrest of Us’

We’re not ready to say goodbye to Q (Kathryn Bernardo) and Korics (Daniel Padilla)! 🥺💙

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

1/15/2021 in News
4 of the cutest QRics moments on ‘The House Arrest of Us’

“The House Arrest of Us” is having its finale today, January 16, and we’re not ready to say goodbye to Q (Kathryn Bernardo), Korics (Daniel Padilla), and the De Guzman and Capili families!

But to keep from feeling sad over the last episode, we compiled four of the cutest moments of Q and Korics so far!

1. When Korics proposed with a tin can ring (Episode 1)

Q and Korics “reenacted” their proposal in front of a garbage can after Q thought she lost the soda can ring Korics used to propose the first time. It definitely said a lot about them as a couple—material things don’t matter as long as they have each other!

2. When they became parents to Summer (Episode 4)

Korics’ monthsary gift to Q was an adorable dog named Summer, and we get so kilig every time we see them acting like Summer’s Mommy and Daddy! 🥰 Fun fact: Summer is actually Kathryn’s dog in real life!

3. When Korics proposed with a real diamond ring (Episode 10)

After weeks of the De Guzmans and the Capilis not getting along, they finally set their differences aside and treated each other as family! To make things even better, Korics got to propose with a real diamond ring! Yes na yes siyempre ang sagot ni Q! 💙

4. When they had a wedding rehearsal (Episode 11)

While waiting for the lockdown to end, Q, Korics, and their families got dressed up and had a wedding rehearsal! But just when they were about to kiss, a phone call interrupted them and threw their lives upside down.

Will Q and Korics get their dream wedding and their happily ever after? Or will a breakup be their New Normal? Find out in the FINALE of “The House Arrest of Us” later!

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