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Liza Soberano slams basher who called her 'boba'

Liza speaks up about Jennifer Laude and #TransLivesMatter

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

9/9/2020 in News
Liza Soberano slams basher who called her 'boba'

Liza Soberano clearly knows how to handle her bashers — with grace, wit, and humor. In a new tweet, she had the best response to a netizen who called her "boba."

On Monday, September 7, the Kapamilya actress spoke out about the absolute pardon granted by President Rodrigo Duterte to US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton. Pemberton was convicted of murdering Filipino transwoman Jennifer Laude in 2014.

Liza wrote, "So a (murderer) was just released for good conduct. Are we supposed to just forget that he killed Jeniffer Laude because he's done some good? #JusticeForJenniferLaude #TransLivesMatter."


She added, "Another question, you think this murderer (I'm not even gonna say his name) wasn't treated fairly but, was it fair that Jennifer Laude was murdered out of hate just because of her sexual orientation?"

A Twitter user replied to Liza's tweets, writing, "Ang boba pala ng babaeng ito. Now naniwala na talaga akong acting lang ['yung] kunwaring matalino [siya]. Stick to your craft girl. [Huwag] masyadong pahalata na wala kang alam sa basic comprehension on laws and current events."

But Liza had the wittiest, most chill comeback to the hate comment thrown at her.

She simply said, "Ouch and sakit, nasaktan ako."

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