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PHOTOS: Maxene and Rob's envy-worthy stay in Bali!

Maxene and Rob's "quarantine stay" in Bali, Indonesia was definitely a life-changing experience for the couple!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 9/8/2020 in Photos

It's not new for Maxene Magalona and her husband Rob Mananquil to be traveling from one country to another, but their trip to Bali, Indonesia might just be their most memorable one YET.

In case you missed it, the couple has been staying in Bali since February 29 for what was supposedly just a yoga training course. But due to unforeseen circumstances, their supposed three-week stay in Bali has been extended to more than six months...and still counting.

Even though they are stranded in a fairly unfamiliar place, the couple considers their experience as life-changing, because it helped them heal and grow as individuals.

"It hasn't been easy but being stranded here is truly one of the most incredible life-changing experiences we've ever had. We have both been healing and growing individually while still staying connected to each other in order to strengthen the foundation of our relationship," Maxene said in an interview with Cosmo.PH.

See more of Maxene and Rob's truly envy-worthy stay in Bali in the gallery above!

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